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6 Things to Keep in Mind while Strategizing a Successful Chatbot


Like any custom application development, the chatbot also has a set of standard steps that are needed to be worked on for a successful implementation.

The steps include — strategizing, designing, development, and testing. And usually, the better you strategize your implementation process, the smoother and faster your project will work.

Enterprise chatbots are important for the digital transformation of a workspace. IT leaders and businesses are working on how people access and share information for enhanced ROI. A chatbot can help track the status, monitor workflow of the data, respond to texts and messages, automate tasks, contextualize events, and plan and schedule meetings.

Verizon Ventures is an active investor in the chatbot market. According to Christie Pitts, Manager — Ventures Development of Verizon Ventures, “Chatbots represent a new trend in how people access information, make decisions, and communicate. We think that chatbots are the beginning of a new form of digital access, which centers on messaging. Messaging has become a huge component of how we interact with our devices, and how we stay connected with the people, businesses and the day-to-day activities of life. Chatbots bring commerce into this part of our lives, and will open up new opportunities.”

Bots can dramatically help enterprises with the critical issues they face in collaboration, customer experience, troubleshooting, support, and information access.

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While chatbots have been accepted by consumers with open hands, the increasing interest of enterprises is a natural outcome.

Chatbot Trends Around The World In The Past 5 Years

Source: Google Trends

31% of top-performing companies plan to use AI within the next 12 months (Adobe, 2018)

Because of these numbers, businesses are looking to develop their chatbots to improve customer experiences and internal business processes.

But before progressing with the development, here are some of the aspects enterprises need to consider before developing a chatbot.

  1. Defining Goals

Before you start developing a chatbot, it is important that you outline its goals. Most of the chatbots are developed to drive sales, improving brand awareness, providing human-like assistance, automating the task, and even processing user queries.

Along with prioritizing the goals, it is important that you align your chatbot’s strategy with your customer’s requirements. By solving the problems of your chatbot you are basically creating a business opportunity for yourself.

Note: While defining your goals, keep in your mind the strengths and weaknesses of a chatbot.

  1. Defining bots functionality

In order to define the functionality of your bot, you can do two things.

First, pen down the conversations from the end-user point of view. This way, you will notice bot has multiple conversations on different topics. Think about the ways users can reply to your questions. Maybe they will wind-up the conversation or may ask some more.

Secondly, draw a sketch that represents the entire bot use cases. Answer the following questions –

  • What is the main user goal?
  • What defines a successful conversation
  • What are all the features of the bot
  • List down the most important features

Now summarize your research in a sketch as follows.

3. Persona and UX of the Chatbot

This part outlines the Design and personality of the Chatbot.

The interactions that your users are going to have will be through your chatbot. So developing a rich and detailed personality will make your chatbot more relevant, believable, and appropriate for your user. Mapping your business’ personality in your bot will help you translate a designated personality to it.

Start by building a persona of the bot according to your users and what they are expecting from your business. Describe your bot’s personality and also its character, the friendlinesses and the image that represent it.

Now when you have connected with the bot, it time to design it. Depending on the messaging you connect your bot to, you can include cards and buttons accordingly. Also, by paying attention to the limitation in characters, you can design your bot in detail.

4. Integrating User Acceptance Test

When developing a chatbot, it is important that you create User Acceptance Tests.

This is a conversation set that represents the conversation flow. UATs are important for

The developers who will code the bot as it is the main example he will have to correctly deliver.

5. Knowledge Base

Ever intent in conversation AI must include sentences to train your bot to understand the input. Your bot must contain 30 to 50 expression in one intent. For this, your entire development team and sales team should sit together to draft an excel sheet so they can help fill the intents directly and train the bot.

A first knowledge base is very important as it will create a foundation for a network of intents that the bot will create as it interacts with the user.

6. Analytics

According to Christie Pitts — Sometimes advancement comes with trepidation,”. “Outcomes can be predictable and beneficial, or at times unpredictable and present new challenges. In the long view, it is clear that technology improvements are a net benefit to society.”

Chatbot analytics are likely to predict the success of a chatbot. They can provide valuable insight into opportunities for growth and improvement by allowing chatbot builders to get into the minds of users.

You can monitor the active users of your chatbot to get a feel for how often users are coming back to use your chatbot after the initial use. Analytics can also help you track, how your chatbots resolve a user’s inquiry in a few conversation steps.

Once you will start working on these aspects of chatbot development. Sooner or later, you will get ideas about what your customers like and what your business requires. The initial development of a chatbot starts with these attributes, but as the bot indulges in your business, you can customize it according to your brand needs.

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