Gorn Is Finally Getting Its Full Release Next Week


Nearly two years to the day since its Early Access launch, Gorn is getting a full release next week.

Free Lives’ brilliantly gory VR gladiator battler is leaving pre-release on July 18th. The developer is promising new content for launch and just released a new trailer. Details such as pricing are still to come.

Gorn is one of VR’s most popular games. It’s a brilliantly slapstick experience in which you do battle with others in a coliseum. You have to survive each level to unlock boss fights and rack up specific types of kills in order to earn more weapons. The game is incredibly gruesome, with weapons that let you impale and bludgeon approaching meatheads and wince-inducing dismemberment. On a related note, though, it’s also absolutely hilarious, though certainly not for the faint of heart.

Over the course of Early Access Free Lives has been adding a steady stream of new weapons, enemies and features to the game. We’ve seen everything from a giant mode to honey badgers added in. The game was worth buying a long time ago, but we’ll definitely try and give you final impressions of next week’s release. It’s been a while since we last dived in and cracked some skulls.

With full release approaching, we’ll also hopefully see the promised PSVR port sooner rather than later. Free Lives says it’s coming, but exactly when we have no idea.

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