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Dement Looks Like An Indie Silent Hill For VR, Coming Soon


Upon first glance, you might think Dement looks like a fairly crusty take on an indie Silent Hill. Then you realize the game is set in the small town of, uh, Quiet Mountain.

I can’t quite tell if developer Paracytik Entertainment is being ironic or not, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. In this new VR horror game you go in search of your sister, Lily, after she’s taken by a mysterious organization. It doesn’t take you long to discover that Quiet Mountain hides a disturbing secret, taking you to increasingly depraved ‘layers’ of reality. Sounds cheery.

Check it out in the trailer below. It’s quite lengthy but it gives you a good idea of what to expect.

Dement looks undeniably rough around the edges but it’s making some interesting promises. Paracytik says the campaign will be over 20 hours long, for example, and feature massive environments with puzzles and combat. Enemies stalk you down dank corridors and can be taken out with either firearms of makeshift melee weapons.

There are some creepy ideas, too. Flicking a lighter open bathes rooms in a warm orange glow that reveals enemies, for example. Paracytik also places a heavy emphasis on narrative, promising interesting characters and more. Impressively, the game’s been built over the past three years by a team of just three people.

We probably aren’t getting a Silent Hill VR game anymore, but Dement might scratch that itch. It’s set to launch in October for Rift, Vive and (we’d assume) Valve Index. We’ll bring you more when we hear it.

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