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Valve Index Is Currently Topping Steam’s Sales Chart (In The US)


Valve Index is currently sitting at the top of Steam’s Top Selling list. Well, it is in the US, at least.

The new SteamVR headset is currently edging out the likes of Gloomhaven and Earth Defense Force 5 for the top spot. Specifically, it’s the full kit at the top of the list, complete with controllers and base stations. Take note that Steam’s Top Selling list is generated based on revenue, not units sold. Given that the full Index kit costs $999, it’s actually not that surprising to see it at the top.

The $749 bundle including the Index and controllers, meanwhile, is listed 28th. We couldn’t find the headset by itself listed in the top 100. Valve hasn’t yet shared any sales info for Index. In fact we don’t even know if the company ever will; sales stats for the HTC Vive were never shared.

It’s possible this jump is linked to a new wave of Index headsets getting ready to ship. Valve just processed another round of payments for the headset, which is back ordered until September (we know because we bought one).

It’s not the case everywhere, though. Globally, Index is third on the list right now, just behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Gloomhaven. In the UK, meanwhile, it’s all the way back in 225th place. We guess people don’t want to risk that overseas shipping.

We think Index is a great piece of kit. The headset itself is a great upgrade from other headsets and the Index Controllers bring new levels of interactivity to VR. Valve says it’s prepping to launch a ‘flagship’ VR game this year. We’re still holding out to see what exactly that is.

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