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New Boneworks Dev Video Showcases More Impressive Physics


Stress Level Zero just offered up a tiny new look at its hotly-anticipated VR shooter, Boneworks. Or at least a look at how the team is making it.

Instead of another jaw-dropping gameplay video, this video focuses on how the team works together efficiently. Specifically, the team talks about Plastic, an application that allows them to easily sync up their latest work with others to make collaboration much easier. It gives you a good idea of how a team of this size is able to work on a game of this sort of ambition.

But don’t worry, there is a tiny tease of gameplay too. We see another impressive display of Boneworks’ physics. The team’s Brandon Laatsch piles a bunch of weapons into a trash can, then presses a button using the trash can before emptying them all out on the floor. It’s not really the point of the video, but we continue to be amazed at just how realistic and considered Bonework’s laws seem to be.

In fact, that’s why we said it felt like VR’s first next-generation game when we last played it. Boneworks promises to raise the bar in giving players a sense of physical presence in VR; you can realistically grab and interact with just about any object. Suffice to say, we’re excited to get our hands on the full thing.

As for a release date? We’re still expecting it to launch in 2019 on Index, Rift, Vive and Windows VR. The Steam store listing for the game still says as much. We don’t have a date more specific than that sadly. We’ll keep a lookout for more new Boneworks video content and keep you updated as soon as we hear more news.

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