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Humans 101 Is A Bizarre-Looking New VR Game From Scraper Devs


Scraper: First Strike only released on PC VR headsets last November. But developer Labrodex is already back with its next game, Humans 101.

This is a curious-looking project heading to Steam Early Access this summer. Labrodex describes it as “a VR user-generated content creation game with an amusing narrative”. Based on the trailer, it looks like players are abducted by a race of aliens and forced to take part in increasingly strange tasks to measure their capabilities. But players will also be able to create their own challenges to share with their friends too. You can place objects in your environment and then set the rules required to succeed.

There’s no gameplay to showcase exactly how this works just yet, but we do have the first video above. Based on screenshots, it looks like tasks range from everything like hitting targets with basket balls to, uh, pelting tomatoes at performers. We’ll be interested to see how the user-generated element of the game works. Labrodex says it’s preparing a gameplay trailer to share in the near future.

As we said, Humans 101 is releasing in Early Access. The pre-release version of the game won’t include the full story and Labrodex will be adding to the library of assets as they go. The team expects the game to release in full around four months on from Early Access launch, aiming for the holiday period.

We weren’t the biggest fans of Scraper, but this premise definitely has us interested. We’ll keep you updated about the game going forward.

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