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Vive Focus Plus Gets Official Viveport PC VR Content Streaming Q4 2019


Today at the ChinaJoy 2019 event, HTC announced that the Vive Focus Plus standalone VR headset will support integrated content streaming from Viveport via a nearby VR-ready PC over standard 5Ghz Wi-Fi networks.

The feature is described as a “one click” solution to offer “seamless content streaming” from Viveport accounts. This has been a hot topic for standalone VR headsets for some time and even the Oculus Quest has a host of solutions for PC content streaming but none of them are official from Oculus.

On the flip side, this solution for Vive Focus Plus is directly from HTC:

“5G Cloud VR has been a hot topic in the press recently, and in one to two years, after the 5G network is more robust, it will provide a new way for users to experience high quality VR without the need for a high-end PC. Until then, the new VIVEPORT Streaming capability being announced today will enable VR users to enjoy countless premium PC VR experiences on their standalone VR devices without the need for a wire.” said Alvin Wang Graylin, China President, HTC in a prepared statement. “PC VR streaming as a concept is not new, but having the PC and the Vive Focus Plus complete the full complex network connection automatically and providing a seamless UI to starting any VR content on the linked PC from inside the VR device makes the experience a real breakthrough.”

The concept is great, but from what we’ve seen with our own two eyes the execution isn’t quite perfect. Jamie tried Viveport streaming over 5Ghz at Mobile World Congress (MWC) earlier this year and had the following to say:

“The idea of instantly jumping from one high-fidelity VR experience to another no matter where I am is exciting. We’re just not there quite yet.”

PC VR streaming from Viveport is coming first to the Vive Focus Plus in Q4 2019, but will also support “other full 6DOF standalone VR devices built on Vive Wave VR open platform” after that. There is no timeframe on other devices besides “soon.”

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