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10 Most Amazing And Relaxing VRChat Worlds To Visit


VRChat is, for lack of a better term, infamous.

It’s been around for nearly two and a half years, and has seen traffic ebb and flow with VR’s popularity since then. But let’s assume that the vast majority of Internet frolickers stopped caring about VRChat just short of that insufferable Ugandan Knuckles meme of early 2018. Alas, memes and anime girl tropes a social VR app does not make. Furthermore, VRChat is actually home to a lot of cool, imaginative content. It has everything from live events to games and luxurious hangout spaces; all available on its free-to-explore online platform.

It’s also a bit dense at the front end. If you’re trying to find some cool worlds, you might quickly find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of options available to you, smack dab on the front page of the main ‘Worlds’ menu. That’s why we’ve put together a list of top VRChat worlds that all virtual visitors should check out on their tour of the app’s offerings.

Note that the criteria used here is subjective, and there are so many worlds and so many creators that we probably missed tons of hidden gems. All of the worlds on this list are exploration-focused or chillout areas, so we haven’t dug into any games here. If gaming inside of VRChat is more your speed, we do recommend trying out the Cards Against Humanity world and various climbing challenge rooms, albeit them not officially making it onto our list. Also, if you’re looking for events rather than worlds, check out the VRChat events calendar.

Ready? Let’s get started with our favorite VRChat worlds.

vrchat japan garden shrine

Japan Shrine (PC/Quest) | By: ITOAR

Representing what is supposed to be a spring day, this Japan Shrine map comes complete with various nooks and crannies to sit down and relax in. If lazing back on a park bench or on a pile of cherry blossom petals doesn’t suit your fancy, you can enter any of the pagoda-topped structures and discover recreations of Japanese dining sets and kitsch decor.

Home of the Time (PC/Quest) | By: fr1ed

How do I summarize Home of the Time? It’s basically a floating island, surrounded by water, and equipped with an automated day/night cycle. The interior space is spacious and homely for a VRChat world. At the top, you can find an area with beds to hang out in. Outdoors, there is an entire garden area with statues, a patio, and greenery.

vrchat the black cat world

The Black Cat (PC/Quest) | By: spookyghostb

Despite being a figment of the metaverse, The Black Cat feels like a public event hall. The kind you might rent out for somebody’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or a wedding reception. It’s basically a social club in VR, and it’s the kind of place you might go to meet other people before staging an expedition into some other worlds.

VRChat Rest and Sleep world

Rest and Sleep (PC/Quest) | By: LOLI

You might not actually fall asleep while exploring Rest and Sleep, but it certainly provides the kind of atmosphere that’s useful for decompressing and relaxing with others. What stands out here is the relaxing neon blue hue of all of the decorations and furniture pieces in the room.

vrchat sombies hangout

Sombie’s Hangout (PC/Quest) | By: Sombie

You could sum Sombie’s Hangout down to a three-story mingling space set to the backdrop of indie artwork and art deco design. It contains hidden passageways, a bar, and all the VR chess and virtual beer pong you can possibly play in one sitting. If you don’t feel like playing social games, sit down in any of the bean bag chairs and kill time chatting it out with other avatars.

10 Most Amazing And Relaxing VRChat Worlds To Visit 1

The Great Pug (PC Only) | By: owlboy

As you enter The Great Pug, you can almost smell the old wood, newspapers, coffee, and fried eggs. Everything about the main floor is reminiscent of a venerable neighborhood pub; the earthen green and brown tones plus the framed ‘photos’ of notable guests add a comforting aura that should make you feel like you’re walking through a real restaurant. Bonus points if you head on up to The Roost and cozy yourself by the fire.

If you’re on Quest there is a smaller, alternate version called The Great Pug – West designed to be optimized for the standalone VR headset.

vrchat void club world

Void Club (PC Only) | By: Lycon

Of all the VR nightclubs I’ve been to, the Void Club is easily the most active. Music pumps through the venue all 24 hours a day, and there are almost always other avatars running around and dancing. You can explore various VIP spaces above the dancefloor, but don’t forget to check out the club exterior for some vibrant sci-fi vistas.

vrchat room of summer solitude world

Room of Summer Solitude (PC/Quest) | By: Lucifer MStar

The Room of Summer Solitude is more than just any old bedroom. It’s one of the best-optimized bedrooms in all of VRChat, looking nearly as beautiful in the Oculus Quest as it does on PC. That said, this room is gorgeous. The panorama over Hong Kong is as photorealistic as you’re going to get in VRChat, and taking photos inside of this thing made me feel like a bougie travel photographer.

vrchat a rainy night in world

A Rainy Night In (PC/Quest) | By: Lucifer MStar

A Rainy Night In is the more detailed counterpart to Room of Summer Solitude. It’s a messier experience, and I did feel performance take a hit at various points on my Rift (but not on my Quest, strangely enough). However, there’s just so much more to explore here. Seeing as how well-trafficked A Rainy Night In is, social games are a must. On my first go, I almost missed the mysterious spinning bottle lying on the kitchen counter.

vrchat big al avatar world

Big Al’s Avatar Corridors (PC/Quest) | By: Big Al

A maze filled with over 200 custom avatars from recognizable IPs like Rocko’s Modern Life and The Simpsons? Yes please. Wandering through the seemingly endless labyrinth of Big Al’s Avatar Corridors feels a bit like walking into a Party City before Halloween. If you don’t get totally lost, you might walk out with something you aren’t too embarrassed to show your friends. Of course, showing off your avatar in VRChat is never embarrassing because the entire thing is a non-stop costume party. Go hard.

VRChat is one of the most widely frequented (and free) social apps for PC VR and Oculus Quest headsets. If you haven’t downloaded it, you can find it on Steam or on the Oculus Store. And if you don’t own a headset yet, you can still hop into VRChat and join your friends in any of these worlds from the comfort of your desktop.

Let us know some of your favorite worlds down in the comments below!

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