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Oculus Rift S & Rift Now Account for Half of VR Headsets Used on Steam


With the Rift S launching just two and a half months ago, on Steam the headset has already nearly surpassed all Windows VR headsets in use on the platform. With the original Rift and Rift S, Oculus headsets now make up half of the headsets used on Steam.

Each month Valve collects data from Steam users to determine some baseline statistics about what kind of hardware and software is used by the platform’s population, and to see how things are changing over time; that includes which VR headsets are connected to users’ computers. Participation in the data collection is optional, and headsets aren’t counted if they aren’t powered on and recognized by the user’s PC at the moment the data is collected.

Oculus Rift S & Rift Now Account for Half of VR Headsets Used on Steam 1
Chart courtesy Valve

The latest data from the survey shows the Oculus Rift S coming strong out of the gate in its second month with an 8.40% share of headsets connected in the last month—deftly leaping over the considerably more expensive Vive Pro’s 2.19% share (+0.53%)—and nearly trouncing all Windows VR headsets which hold 9.39% (–1.74%).

The Rift S appears to have taken a roughly equal bite of headset share on Steam from both the original Rift at 40.9% (–3.22%) and the HTC Vive (–3.68%).

Combined, the original Rift and Rift S made up 49.3% (+3.73%) of headsets on Steam in the last month—a record high for Oculus—while the Vive and Vive Pro combined now hold 39.27% (–3.15%).

The Valve Index is also now seen in the data for the first time, holding a 1.46% share of connected headsets. Granted, Valve is still ramping up its manufacturing for the headset, and only managed to tackle the Index backorder in the US as of late last month. The Rift S also only snagged 1.45% in its first month after launch, so next month’s data should give us a clearer picture of how quickly Valve is able to get Index out the door as it ramps up manufacturing.

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