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Stefan Kojouharov
Chatbot Conference 2019

Many of you have been asking about the agenda and we are finally ready to release it.

This year’s conference will feature speakers from Google, Oracle, Sirius, Walmart and many of the most exciting startups like Automat, Rasa, and many more.

Without further ado, let’s jump in!

In this talk, Alex will share the latest on the 5 Stages of NLP, where we currently are where we are headed.

This has been our most popular talk for the past three years!

Founder & CEO @ RasaAlex Weidauer,

This panel’s goal is to help you discover the best opportunities for you and your company.

We start by giving you the 30,000 foot view of the Chatbot, Voice, AI space. Once you get an overview of the this space, we will then jump in and explore the most promising areas such Voice, Customer Service, B2E, Marketing and the latest on AI.

Sean Badge, Developer Advocate @GoogleRich Business Messaging with Google

Sean will share the latest on Google’s Rick Business Messaging and what it means for consumers and enterprises. In this talk, Sean will share a number of case studies on RBM and how companies are using RBM as both a marketing and customer service channel.

In this talk, Kunal will share how Sams Club is using chatbots to augment customer service and decrease the overall costs while improving customer satisfaction.

Carlos Chang, Product Marketing Director @OracleBackend Use Cases with Oracle

Ask Google Voice a question and often times, Google can direct you to the right bot. However, there is no such solution at the Enterprise level. In this talk, Carlos will discus the role of a ‘master bot’ at the enterprise level and how such a system can help direct employees to the right bots.

In this talk, Mady and Jennifer will walk you through the design, development, and deployment of enterprise level conversational assistants using Microsoft bot framework+Rasa stack.

AI Platform Leader @SiriusMady Mantha

We’ll discuss the continuous learning cycle and talk about auditing conversations, collecting user feedback and using them to evaluate, test, compare and improve the models.

Principal UX Designer @WalmartJennifer Pokrandt

In this talk, Ricardo will share the latest on how enterprises are using Voice as a marketing and sales channel.

Ricardo Garcia-Amaya, Founder & CEO @VOIQ

This talk is about how voice technologies are making the leap from consumer to the enterprise. You will learn how companies are transitioning to a “voice-first” approach, and how this new concept could become the last UI in the future of the enterprise.

Andy Mauro, Co-founder & CEO @ Automat.aiVoice & Conversational Marketing

Perhaps, no one knows more about Conversational marketing than Andy. For the past, 19+ years, Andy has worked on conversational interfaces spanning phone based speech recognition, mobile voice assistants and now messaging and bots.

In this talk, Andy will share his biggest insights on Voice and how Brands are using Conversational Interphases to scale personalization.

Discover how Universities are using chatbots to qualify leads and increase sales.

Joseph Holguin, Co-founder @ SmartLoopUsing Chatbots to Increase Sales

Imagine of you could decrease your marketing costs by 20, 30 of 40+%. In this talk, Samir will share how Messenger Bots are helping Brands decrease their ad spend on Facebook.

Imagine if a couple of Hollywood script writers gave you insights on how to write copy for you bot. In this talk, Dustin and Rob will share their best copy writing and design tips.

Learn the best strategies and techniques for designing your bot or voice assistant.

Vittorio, Co-founder & CEO @Bot SocietyUX & Design

Now that you have a basic understanding of Bots, AI, Voice and the best uses cases to start you next project with, in this panel we will help you put it all together.

This panel will focus on how to go from Ideal to a Live bot, how to set up your team, what tools to use and your launch strategy.

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