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What is a Chatbot and How to Use One in Your Business


Daniel Lindberg

Chatbots are a broad and wide-ranging topic and still widely unheard of so I will attempt to provide a simple explanation for business owners, how they can be applied to your business and the benefits of implementing one.

There are so many options when it comes to chatbots and their use, for the majority of B2B or B2C businesses a chatbot will likely be set up to work with Facebook Messenger or another messaging app.

Chatbots are most likely placed on your website (like the more traditional live chat) or as a link in an email or text. When a client or prospect clicks the button, or on the link, it will direct them to Facebook Messenger, for example. It will open the Facebook Messenger app and invite the user to begin a conversation.

From here on, the capability of the chatbot entirely depends on how you decide to use it.

There are two main types of chatbots:

Simple chatbots work based on pre-written keywords that they understand and have pre-determined answers to.

Smart chatbots rely on artificial intelligence when they communicate with users. Instead of pre-prepared answers, the robot responds with adequate suggestions on the topic which become more accurate and comprehensive over time.

Here’s some examples of what a chatbot can be useful for:

Answering common customer questions or FAQs: most businesses have a small handful of frequent questions that take up most of their incoming customer service calls. The chatbot can be set up to provide the answer to these automatically, allowing the people in the business more time to focus on more complex queries and productive tasks.

Help prospects discover more about your business: the chatbot can be set up to provide information about your business with links to web pages and even to book an appointment.

Sign up for events or new features: chatbots are a great way for clients to opt-in to an event efficiently and for you to gather their information.

Subscribe and email: chatbots are highly effective at encouraging customers and prospects to subscribe and to also collect email addresses, allowing you to remarket to them on Facebook Messenger and email!

Why chatbots are good for users and businesses:

· Improve customer service: chatbots provide an instant response and prevents visitors from potentially spending time browsing pages on your website trying to find an answer

· Personalise communication: a chatbot answers specific questions instead of providing a long list of information. The more attention a customer gets the greater the desire is to buy.

· Automate repetitive tasks and increase internal productivity: most customers want to get answers on the same questions — in order not to write the same answers every time, make a chatbot. It reduces your employees’ workload, giving them more time to work on more productive tasks.

· A new marketing channel: once visitors have interacted with your chatbot you can remarket to them, and it’s free!

· A chatbot works for you 24/7/365, can handle as many tasks as you give it at any given time, and doesn’t take a wage 😊

With the seamless experience that chatbots provide the customer, and the efficiencies they bring to businesses, chatbots are poised to replace email in a big way.

Your Facebook Messenger inbox is going to replace your email inbox…

— — — — —

If you have any questions about chatbots or would like to discuss implementing one in your business, you can reach out to me by sending an email to

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