10 Tips how to get started with Chatbots in an Enterprise


So you successfully proved your bot adds value. How do you move the bot into production and everyday business?

Unfortunately, a lot of bot projects end here.

No business owner

Without a business owner, I’ve never seen a bot ending up in production. You need to find someone to be your internal champion.

The bot should help in achieving their KPIs and they will help set up a governance model and convince stakeholders inside the organization.

Department X disapproves

It’s often hard for business units, like marketing and customer service, to explain how their bot helps in achieving KPIs. They have to deal with IT and procurement departments and those usually have their preferred suppliers.

For example, IT departments traditionally like to consolidate tech into single-vendor solutions. This is understandable, but it can stand in the way of successfully deploying bots to production.

A solid presentation, business case, and KPI driven results will help a lot in convincing stakeholders.

Involving IT, procurement and other departments from the start will NOT fix thi problem. In my experience, it has never affected the outcome, having a stakeholder presentation, valid KPI based results and business owner does.

Unless you have enough leverage higher up the chain, you’ll run the risk losing all momentum, either turning it into a big IT project that — trust me on this one — will not deliver on any of your business KPIs, or will silently fade away.

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