5 Tips to make your ChatBot Great


Illustration by Blair Rooney @Enabledigtial

1.Make it useful — A Chatbot can be useless… that’s the truth, you want it to be helpful, have a think about processes, questions or things that you do on a daily or weekly basis that your life would be better if they were done for you. That is how you can make it useful. Not every bot is useful to your customers, but its also about making your life easier and improving the customer experience at the same time.

2. Personality — We all know it’s a robot speaking through the ability of Artificial intelligence. However, for people to want to deal with it and enjoy using it, it needs to mimic human interaction by sounding like a human. This will help with engagement and people using the Bot to get information.

3. Don’t think of it as a chatbot. It’s not, it’s more than that. It’s a customer service platform, lead generation tool, content distribution platform. To you, it’s not about the labels of what they call it, but more with how your customers understand what it does, the wording is crucial when allowing your customers to understand what yours does.

4. Make it simple — There is nothing worse from a users point of view when they go to use your chatbot and it’s hard to navigate. Our suggestion is to keep things simple, straight forward and automate the most important thing first.

5. Test it and Test it some more — Before launching a chatbot into your business, make sure you have tested your Messenger Bot to make sure it works how you want it to. It’s important when testing to keep your user in mind.

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