The First 14 Minutes Of Gameplay On PSVR


It’s here! No Man’s Sky Beyond is live! At least it is on PSVR… in Europe.

We’re expecting Hello Games’ mammoth VR update to roll out across the day. That said, the PSVR update has gone live a little sooner than we expected on PS4. We’ve already trekked through the first 15 minutes or so to show you exactly how it looks inside Sony’s headset.

I started off on a pretty dusty looking planet. You’ll have to forgive all of the fiddling to get the Move controllers feeling right. The moment I first discovered a herd of animals was pretty magical, though. Take note this is running on the standard PS4, not the Pro.

No Man’s Sky Beyond adds full VR support to the entire game. Every planet and space station can be explored with a headset on. Not only that, but Beyond also adds expansive multiplayer support and a massive swathe of other additions and fixes, labeled No Man’s Sky 2.0.

We’ll be aiming to bring you our final impressions of the game as soon as possible but, frankly, the game is so big it’s going to take some time. In the meantime, though, you can be sure we’ll be streaming gameplay and providing loads of other content, so there’s no need to turn off.

Still waiting for the game in your region/platform? We’ve got plenty for you to catch up on until then. First, you can check out our huge preview of the game from last week. We also sat down with Sean Murray to talk about the work gone into the VR version. That should tide you over until we lose you for weeks on end. Enjoy!

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