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Why are FB Messenger bots useful for business?


So everybody is using Facebook, right? Facebook messenger brought chatting with friends and even business representatives straight to our phone screens with no need to open up the app.

Viewing it from the other side, now businesses are closer to people engaged in their area of business than ever before! And even though Messenger bots are very powerful and effective tools, this trend is still at the beginning! …for now.

Bots have been around in the world of the internet for a long time. But now, for the last 3 years, Facebook have given developers the options to build their own bots and automate their conversations.

This might be how the future will look like: people texting (or talking directly) with advanced bots to plan out their day and be on the lookout for when their favourite band is having a concert in their city! Or when their favourite clothing shop is having discounts!

There are products such as Amazon’s Alexa or even Siri or the Google Assistant that already started doing this sort of tasks. But here I am talking about Facebook Messenger bots, Facebook being the biggest online community of people and businesses sharing insurmountable amounts of information. With over 2 billion people actively using the social network on a daily basis, it is clearly the biggest social space and marketplace available at the moment.

Messenger bots have been adopted by a lot of organisations, including banks and digital marketers. As it is still quite cutting edge technology, its approach is still experimental, but certain companies that offer the service of setting up chatbots and tayloring them to your business needs have created streamlined workflows.

Of course, companies can experiment and see what works better, but the fact that it is available as a tool and that there have been case studies in which organisations improved their workflow and improved their business operations, providing at the same time efficient customer service is a remarkable opportunity to step up and harness this breakthrough technology!

In an experiment run by HubSpot, content delivered through Facebook Messenger had an open rate of 80 percent and a click rate of 13 percent. The same content delivered through email had an open rate of 33 percent and a click rate of 2.1 percent. In other words, email was completely outclassed by Messenger.

Bots are used mainly in 3 ways:

  • as a Content Delivery Channel
  • as a reminder to get event attendees to participate
  • as a substitute for forms

Therefore, Messenger bots are a great tool for increasing brand awareness and engagement with prospects.

Facebook chatbots are live at all hours of the day and send near-instant responses to user inquiries. This frees up the workload and can be very efficient. From simple FAQs to booking appointments, Messenger bots can cover this type of tasks.

Just like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, the Messenger bot learns more about you and your preference. Also there is the plethora of data on Facebook which can give the bot insights into which is the closest company headquarter to your location, or which nearby restaurant you might like best.

There are many services that offer chatbot assistance which can be found by googling. There are many industries and use cases in which you might want to implement a Facebook bot for your industry, so be careful not to get into something much more complex than is required. For instance, if you need a chatbot to tell customers of your dental clinic when your next available spot is for a booking, then you don’t need to get into any super-sophisticated self-learning bot technology.

So the best advice I can give on this is be very specific on your use case, and what you want to get out of your Messenger Bot services.

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