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No Man’s Sky Patches Fix Crashes, Now Works With Windows MR Headsets


Just two days after launching the major Beyond update which added VR support, Hello Games has already released four patches to fix a plethora of crash-inducing bugs.

On PlayStation VR, performance is acceptable however users were reporting crashing issues, especially on the PlayStation 4 Pro. Less than 12 hours after the release, Patch 2.04 was released, adjusting rendering of large textures as well as memory management.

Early on Thursday, Patch 2.05 was released. This update fixed crashes in the Space Anomaly, as well as memory and rendering related crashes. The issue that caused the game to crash when using a Windows MR headset has also been fixed, however users of these headsets will need to use or create custom key bindings to play.

Late today the team at Hello Games rolled out yet another patch, 2.06. This fixes crashes related to spawning freighters as well as multiple menu crashes. Additionally, it adds warnings for GPU problems and issues with Vulkan drivers.

Just a few hours ago yet another release was pushed to the Experimental channel on Steam. This fixes crashes in the Nexus, during “some factory interactions”, and on very old CPUs. This patch also contains the first noted performance improvements: “Fixes for performance issues within the Nexus and Trading Posts.“. This may indicate that Hello Games is starting to shift its focus to performance.

On PC, each patch was first rolled out to the Experimental release channel on Steam. This allowed experienced users to access fixes earlier while giving Hello Games time to verify the releases didn’t introduce any serious regressions.

While the game’s performance in VR on PC is still lacking, Hello Games is seemingly working around the clock to address crashes and other critical issues with No Man’s Sky. We can only hope Sean Murray is getting at least some sleep.

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