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Wonderscope’s Latest AR Reading Experience Teaches Kids How To Handle Bullies


Readers help a tiny speck of stardust in this voice-activated interactive adventure.

WITHIN, developer behind the educational AR reading app Wonderscope, this week revealed a new addition to their catalog of voice-activated immersive reading experiences that takes kids on an intergalactic journey that teaches them how to deal with bullies while at the same time promoting interest in STEM-related fields of study.

Developed by Preloaded and written by Joe Waechter, Clio’s Cosmic Quest follows the adventures of Clio, a painfully-adorable speck of stardust who dreams of one day growing up to be a magnificent adult star bright enough to illuminate the entire galaxy. Using their voices to interact with Clio and other characters, readers become apart of the story as they help the tiny star-in-training stand up to bullies, meet the sun, and save the entire galaxy; all while learning facts about our own solar system. 

Wonderscope's Latest AR Reading Experience Teaches Kids How To Handle Bullies 1
Image Credit: WITHIN

“With augmented reality we’re crossing the threshold from stories we witnessed on screens, to stories we live as our own,” said Within co-founder and CEO, Chris Milk, in an official release. “With Wonderscope, we want to encourage children to explore a story in a completely new way. By reading their lines out loud they become a character within the plot. It’s sorta like inside-out storytelling.”

Wonderscope's Latest AR Reading Experience Teaches Kids How To Handle Bullies 2
Image Credit: WITHIN

“Augmented reality allows us to take abstract scientific concepts and make them concrete,” added Within’s Executive Producer of Original Content, Samantha Storr. “In Clio’s Cosmic Quest, we bring the solar system, supernovas, nebulas and particles into your world and let you interact with them directly. We’re excited to continue weaving together storytelling with this new form of spatial and kinesthetic learning, and make reading fun.”

Wonderscope's Latest AR Reading Experience Teaches Kids How To Handle Bullies 3
Image Credit: WITHIN

Clio’s Cosmic Quest marks the fourth entry into the Wonderscope catalog, joining popular AR storybooks including A Brief History of Stunts by Astounding People, Little Red the Inventor and Wonder’s Land Ringmaster Wanted. 

Clio’s Cosmic Quest is available now via WITHIN’s Wonderscope AR app on iOS. Each paid AR adventure normally costs $4.99, however WITHIN is currently running a back-to-school sale in which you can purchase access to all stories for a one-time fee of $.99. Wonderscope’s augmented reality stories are designed for kids 6 years old and up.

Featured Image Credit: WITHIN

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