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WHOIS Bot in Telegram. How Can It Benefit Business?


Julia Beyers

No business can succeed today without a website. But as is often the case, a smart name for the site can come to several people at once. And when you want to register a domain, it appears to be taken.

What should you do in this case? Give up on your idea? Change the name? The best solution here would be to learn more about the owner and contact them if needed. Is it possible? Absolutely. How? WHOIS bot in Telegram is the answer.

Telegram is a popular messenger that enjoyed the base of 300 million users in 2018. Bots are one of the features that it supports. They are suitable for various purposes, and especially for business.

The WHOIS bot allows you to find out all the information about a domain: whether it is available or not, and who the owner is. This useful tool provides customers with the nameserver data.

To find any of the bots in Telegram, you should know their name. Thus, for the WHOIS bot, users should type @Whois_Bot in the search field. Once you hit it, press “Start” to initiate the connection.

The bot is easy to operate and provides you with all the commands from the very beginning. Thus, you are free to use several options:

  • /whois;
  • /ip;
  • /bulk;
  • /dig;
  • /manual.

If you are not familiar with the tool, start with /whois to check the relevant information about domain names. /ip enables you to do the same, but for IP-addresses.

/bulk is a command for checking the keyword availability among domains. And /dig will let you complete a DNS lookup for a domain.

Once you enter any of the commands, the bot collects and processes information.

Telegram bots, in general, are powerful solutions for businesses. Unlike other popular messengers, this one combines social media features, useful tools, and messaging service — all in one. Besides, Telegram is highly secure, which makes it appealing to the users.

The significant advantage of Telegram bots for entrepreneurs is that they become business assistants. Via bots, you can deliver high-quality service to customers, and also boost your productivity as a businessperson.

Finally, Telegram bots provide you with various opportunities to promote, support, and optimize your product. The bot is easy to create and convenient to use. But what is so special about WHOIS in particular?

Just like dedicated domain registrars, the WHOIS bot can tell whether you can name the domain the way you want it. It shows all available (or not available) options according to your requests. It’s convenient when you lack creativity or want to save time picking the names.

You can literally get all the information about the current holder of the domain. Why might one need it? Let’s say, you are very interested in having a particular website address, but it is taken for now. Check out who owns it and when it expires, as well as how to contact the creator. Maybe, you can make an offer that the owner won’t refuse.

If you have an IP address, you can also get all the info about the site. It may come in handy if you are willing to establish business connections or cooperate in any other way. Make sure that you came across a decent venue.

Telegram bots offer amazing opportunities to business owners. They provide clients with relevant and exciting features that help improve the quality of their product. Telegram bots facilitate communication between you and your customers, allow you to personalize it, optimize business processes, and, finally, they are free.

WHOIS is limited to several features, but it shouldn’t be advanced, in fact. Type in the keywords or IP addresses, and find yourself looking through the piles of relevant data. Get fast and effortless access to valuable information within a few commands and without charge.

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