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AR App Lets Kids Customize Their Own Prescription Glasses


The future of children’s eyewear is looking bright.

Fitz Frames is a new, modern solution to purchasing glasses for kids. The company, which made its official launch earlier this week, uses AR technology to offer parents of children ages 3-and-up a convenient and accessible method for customizing kids sunglasses and prescription eyewear.

“Nearly 20 million kids in the U.S. need prescription glasses, but the options available are limited and don’t reflect the unique personalities of our children,” said Fitz Frames Co-CEO Gabriel Schlumberger in an official release. “We are excited to offer kids and parents customized, 3D-printed glasses that are fun, stylish, and most importantly made specifically for them.”

The app starts by measuring the child’s face using an AR filter, analyzing the dimensions of their individual expression in order to provide a proper fit. Once scanned, kids can then “try on” a catalog of face-tracking augmented frames from a variety of angles. Currently, Fitz Frames offers six frame shapes in eight different colors.

Once they’ve settled on a pair they like, Fitz Frames 3D prints the frames to match the child’s specific measurements and sends them directly to your address. This removes the hassle of going to the store and trying on tons of glasses with an easily distracted kiddo.

AR App Lets Kids Customize Their Own Prescription Glasses 1
Image Credit: Fitz Frames

Founder and Co-CEO Heidi Hertel, who has three kids herself, was inspired to launch Fitz Frames after experiencing her own struggles buying and replacing her kids’ glasses.

“When something happens to a kid’s glasses, solid replacement options are extremely limited.  You can not simply saunter into your local department store and purchase an off-the-rack option,” Hertel said. “Even once you find an optometrist, the kid’s selection will be very limited. If you don’t have an identical pair to what they are used to, it can be really difficult for kids to adjust to something different on their faces.”  

AR App Lets Kids Customize Their Own Prescription Glasses 2
Image Credit: Fitz Frames

“Not only will they often have to wait a week for glasses,” she continues, “they will also be dealing with the grief of losing the pair they loved and the image they have of themselves with the glasses they put on every day.” 

To resolve this turmoil, Fitz Frames offers both a one-time purchase option for $95 a frame, as well as a subscription service starting at $185/yr that includes replacements and prescription sunglasses.

AR App Lets Kids Customize Their Own Prescription Glasses 3
Image Credit: Fitz Frames

“They’re expensive, they break, they’re frequently lost or they just don’t fit their little faces properly,” Hertel said. “We’re thrilled to finally be able to offer parents a convenient solution that enables kids to see the world more clearly.”

The Fitz Glasses app is available to download for free on iOS.

Featured Image Credit: Fitz Frames

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