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How To Update Your Oculus Quest To The Latest Firmware


Are you trying to ensure that your Oculus Quest has the latest features, fixes and performance improvements? This guide will explain how to update your Quest.

The Oculus Quest runs a modified version of Android. Just like other Android devices, it updates over WiFi. However, there is no user-facing option or prompt to update.

Instead, Quest will download updates automatically when it is connected to WiFi, connected to power, and in standby mode (ie. not turned off). So to update, just make sure your headset is on standby and connected to WiFi, and leave it plugged into the USB Type-C charger.

There is no way to know when an update has been downloaded, so you may just want to leave it connected over night.

To install the update, simply restart the Quest by putting it on your head and holding the power button down until you see the option to restart.

Reddit user xalgamer10z caught their headset updating after starting up and took a photo of the indicator:

Quest Updating

Updates So Far

In late July, Facebook released software version 7.0. This brought the following changes:

  • We’ve enhanced the overall audio experience, and added the ability to enable or disable your microphone in VR.
  • We’ve added a search bar throughout your in-VR experience so you can always find the content you’re looking for.
  • You can now opt-in to new features we’re testing from your settings menu under the “Experiments” section, like the bluetooth keyboard option we’ve highlighted below.
  • If your Guardian boundaries are too sensitive, you can adjust them from the Guardian settings page.
  • If you need to adjust your floor height, you no longer have to reset your Guardian. Instead, you can make adjustments right from your Guardian settings page.
  • You can now set multiple Guardians in the same room and switch between them.
  • You can now use Bluetooth keyboards and gamepads to type and navigate in VR. You can find pairing options for your Bluetooth device in your headset’s settings panel under the experiments section.
  • We’ve updated the look and feel of the Oculus Store.
  • You can now use filtering based on price, comfort or genre, to make it easier to find new apps you might be interested in.
  • If you’re interested in an app but not ready to purchase, you can save it to your wishlist for later.
  • We’ve updated the experience for adjusting the fit and improving the focus and clarity of your headset.
  • You can now auto-pair your headset from the Oculus mobile app if it’s detected nearby.
  • Improved tracking when controllers are close to the headset, and at angles turned away from the headset.
  • Improved tracking in difficult poses such as under-hand throwing motion.
  • Reduced re-acquisition time when controller tracking is lost.
  • You can now use both of your Touch controllers at the same time when interacting with different elements like the keyboard, Oculus Store, and Library.
  • We’ve made enhancements that make it easier to update and edit your Oculus Avatar.

This week, Facebook is rolling out software version 8.0. This update brings an optional night mode which applies a blue light filter, similar to Night Shift on iOS. This is easier on the eyes, which may make late night VR sessions more feasible. An option has also been added to delete all Guardian data, which will make the Quest forget all created Guardian boundaries.

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