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Rec Room’s New Stunt Runner Game Looks A Lot Like Sprint Vector


Rec Room developer Against Gravity today revealed the debut trailer of its next new game mode: Stunt Runner, coming in September to all platforms.

From what we can tell Stunt Runner is a race-based mini game that pits players against each other to get through a series of obstacles as quickly as possible. There are walls to jump off of, large gaps to jump across, speed boosts to collect, and more. Based on the gameplay footage shown in the trailer below it certainly seems to be heavily inspired by Sprint Vector.

Since Rec Room typically uses either teleport-based locomotion or smooth movement via analog sticks it’s hard to tell exactly how Stunt Runner will accommodate all control schemes. At one point near the end of the trailer the three players are seen swinging their arms as if they’re actually running — but I can’t tell if that’s just theatrics for the trailer or if that’s a new movement scheme adopted for this new game mode.

According to the YouTube trailer description:

“Stunt Runner is an obstacle-based, extreme sports game show set in Rec Room! In this high-speed obstacle course where every second counts, four contestants must sprint, climb, wall jump, mantle, and dodge hazards to survive. Pick the perfect route and execute flawlessly to set a record time and become leaderboard champs!”

Stunt Runner joins the likes of Paintball, Bowling, Laser Tag, Rec Royale, and tons of other options for things to do with friends in VR using Rec Room’s free social VR hub. Gradually it’s grown to included more and more players, including Oculus Quest, PSVR, iOS, and even non-VR  gamers on PC and console.

We’re looking forward to giving Stunt Runner a try when it launches later this year in September. A representative from Against Gravity confirmed to us that Stunt Runner will be coming to all platforms, include cross-play like other games, and continues to be entirely free.

Specifically, I’m most excited to see what sort of custom Stunt Runner rooms players will make.

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