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VR Anime Spice And Wolf Is Getting A Sequel, Switch + PSVR Versions


Talk about a tight turnaround. VR anime Spice and Wolf passed a Kickstarter campaign in December. Now it’s coming to more platforms and a sequel is on the way.

Developer Spicy Tails recently confirmed that the game will launch on PSVR and, oddly, Nintendo Switch VR on September 5. Yes you read that right; from what we can tell this is the first game not made by Nintendo itself to appear on the Switch’s Labo VR headset. We’re still expecting a Quest version of the game to arrive later down the line, too.

It’s definitely interesting to see a third-party game coming to Labo VR. The cardboard headset only allows for 3DOF tracking and the 720p screen is blurry, but we can’t help but wonder if other developers will bring their titles to the device. Certainly, some Oculus Go and Google Daydream games could make the translation.

In Spice and Wolf, players take on the role of Kraft, a traveling merchant that means a woman named Holo that can transform into a wolf. Over the course of the experience you’ll interact with Holo in different ways. the game raised just over $290,000 in Kickstarter funding last year.

As for the sequel, Spicy Tails confirmed its production in a recent blog post. Spice and Wolf 2 will introduce a new character and a new setting. Other than that, there’s really not much we know about it. We’d expect to hear more sometime next year, though.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more anime-flavored VR adventures, Tokyo Chronos finally got its PSVR release last week.

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