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Why did Facebook deprecate the Messenger Broadcast API?


Impact on the future of Subscription Messaging

Harshal Dhir
Courtesy: Messenger API Reference

The importance of the Messenger Broadcast API provided by Facebook can’t be understated.

The aforementioned API has been providing a great way to re-engage your bot audience daily. The Broadcast API has allowed multiple chatbot businesses to deploy and thrive based on content based business models reliant on tagging users and sending them engaging content on a daily basis.

But, the recent announcement by Facebook about deprecating this particular API has put many chatbot developers or in some cases chatbot platforms in a fix.

Redeem Gifts — Ganglia by MACHAAO

My name is Harshal Dhir — Founder of MACHAAO, An Omni Channel Engagement Platform with a focus on creating deeply personalized super bots that people use daily!

For the world, we are the creators of Ganglia built on our in house bot messaging cloud has now processed over 2.5B+ messages from over 1.2M+ cricket fans worldwide and has been declared a Super Bot by

There are now over 300,000+ chatbots live on the Messenger Platform and growing, but the truth is making a “good” chatbot isn’t a trivial task at all.

An average cost for a “good” chatbot can dent your wallet anywhere between $25,000 to $100,000 or more depending on these three primary factors:

  • Number of Skills / Features
  • Complexity of these Skills
  • Platforms or Channels (Messenger, Android, Alexa, etc)
  • Custom Modules or Integrations
  • Custom Alerts

To cut it short to make a good chat bot as with any other software, you don’t just need a bot designer tool but also perhaps more importantly good developers.

Yes, you heard that right!

So the question stands as to why would Facebook deprecate such a powerful and useful API?

The answer in a most trivialized way ever is “Infrastructure Costs”

The truth is that Facebook has been carrying the burden on behalf of the majority of subscription based chatbots on Messenger, but it seems to have shifted its focus towards it’s core messaging platform, as evident in this support request post recently by a chatbot developer.

And, let’s not forget the Sponsored Messages API which is important to Facebook’s core business model.

But after the announcement in the Messenger Developer Community, several chatbot developers have been left wondering with other future changes that could impact their business.

In today’s dynamic chatbot ecosystem I believe the most important thing is that you need to plan to be platform agnostic.

An apt quote from Sangeet Jaiswal, Founder of English Vocabulary, one of the most popular chatbots on Messenger with 3M+ users worldwide with a mission to teach you a new word every day and has been affected by the change mentioned above.

Are you a chatbot developer or a business and find yourself in a soup because of this change?

Do you own or operate a media, news or a sport alerts website, app or a chatbot?

Do you wish to engage your users daily without denting your wallet?

Do you think you are prepared for the worst?

Are you thinking daily re-engagement across platforms?

If yes, here is a quick intro of our Omni Channel Chatbot Engagement Platform and let’s build or super charge your existing bot into a Super Bot!

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