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5 Tips to create a Travel Chatbot



The hype around Chatbots refuses to die down with talk of the town being the unlimited possibilities the Chatbot offers to the end users. Chatbots leverages Artificial Intelligence technology in aiding the firms in solving the myriad issues like prompt answering of visitor queries, engaging users, 24/7 availability among others. Chatbots are rising in its implementation but it’s not a fad in passing, it’s a crucial innovation. Chatbots simplify Travel plans for the travelers while streamlining business for the travel industry firms. Chatbots is a win-win situation for both- the end consumers who seek swift booking and the firms who would like to engage more visitors and drive revenues.

The Chatbots for travel would be available 24/7, answering immediate Consumer queries while pitching the different travel plans for the visitors. Online Travel Booking is rising phenomenally with majority of people finding comforts in booking using Smartphone.

Zion Market Research Estimates:

Global Online Travel Booking Market Will Reach $ 1,955 Billion By 2026. New technological advancements like mobile devices like Smartphone, tablets, and laptops are constantly updating on a regular basis and it makes sense for the Travel Industry to assimilate in its business and structure.

A sample of how Chatbot will interact with a random visitor:

In the above example, the Travel Website Chatbot interacts with a visitor on the website. Chatbots isn’t a new kid on the block but it’s becoming a legend on its own. Websites end purpose is to engage the visitors and ensure that he/she remains on the website. The visitor is straight to the point about his plans to visit London and the Chatbots links the user with the best priced flight plans.

What Chatbots brings for the Travel Industry?

Travel Industry has assimilated Chatbots on a widespread level with unprecedented success. Big Travel agencies such as Expedia and Skyscanner have built travel Chatbots with success and are helping users/visitors search for hotel and flights conveniently. The bots will answer Consumer questions with ease as the Chatbots are using Conversational AI nowadays. Bots isn’t flawless; it faces problems when confronting the difficult human queries. In those difficult situations or circumstances, the Chatbots control will be taken over by the human agents. So, the Chatbots won’t the sole point of contact with the website visitors, it will reduce the human control over the website engagement. Chatbots will evolve with the time and become the center point of interaction. Advancement in technology will aid the chatbot to become more effective but for now, the hybrid approach of AI Chatbots + Human will be the running theme for the Travel Industry.

So, what’s the way to develop a Travel Chatbot?

Chatbots are the way forward as many experts are pointing out so far. Plenty of blogs, research papers, and use cases among others are pointing out the vast possibilities of Chatbots.

IntelliTicks are working with plenty of Clients across Domains and Industries with customized solutions.

So what do we seek in a travel Chatbot in terms of the features and development is the point of interest:


Flow of Conversation:

Understanding User Questions:

Ease of Implementation of Chatbot:

You can access the Technical facets of Chatbot Development here at:

The whole Installation Guide to the Chatbots is available.

Different Travel Chatbots Templates are summarized for Client’s usage:

Leaving aside the technical aspects, we will take a look at the development of the Right Words and Marketing attributes like the landing page content for a right problem solving Bot. We will list some crucial tips in developing a travel Chatbot that engages the user with success and ease.

1. Connect to the Target Group seamlessly

Understanding the context of the visitor query is the important factor in any Chatbot usefulness. Getting the requirements of the visitor correct will go a long way in generating leads for the travel agency website.

Below is a sample illustration of a Chatbot engaging with the Visitor and finding out his/her travel plans:

The interaction of the chatbot above imitates the human agent interaction with a visitor. Travel Chatbots can undertake multiple tasks. The above one is an IntelliTicks AI powered Chatbot for one of our client- TravelSetu. TravelSetu is an online travel agency aggregator and has multiple travel agents under its wings. Here, the chatbot gets the name of the end user and asks the relevant questions which would help filter the choices for the User.

Figuring the Chatbot purpose is important to drive lead engagements. The Chatbot must be built while keeping in mind the website and its stream of visitors.

What our Chatbots keeps in mind:

1 Search Travel Destinations

2 Book travel Plans

3 Guide the Users to the various Holiday plans

It’s imperative that Chatbots provide the options of payment while answering the general issues the consumer faces- Ticket searching, Offers, travel documents among others. Design the Chatbot function and personality based on the general website traffic.

2. Personalize the Chatbot

Personalization of Chatbots leads to a far greater User experience. User’s feels more valued when the chatbot gives a far more humane experience. Good Chatbots gives more options to the visitor by providing relevant and contextual information.

If the Travel Both books flight tickets for the visitor, there is an inherent need to ask specific questions to get the best solution for the end consumer:

1. Economic or Business Flight

2. Timings

3. One Way or Double Way

4. Meals Options

5. Window or Aisle Seat

These series of questions shapes up the user needs and provides him/her with a specific solution. The Chatbots will help in tailoring the user preferences further. This way it guides the Chatbot in further engagement and helps them in booking the flight.

This translates in booking the flight while the visitor stays on the website. Privacy is a big theme and having a robust privacy policy is also critical for every travel agency that employs Chatbot.

3. Make the Chatbots Human

Bots must be fun to engage with without sounding artificial and forced. Bots must reflect the brand and sounds interesting to the user. The user is already aware that he/she is engaging with the bit but they don’t want monotonous conversation.

A sample is here:

In the above interaction, the Chatbot interactions sounds like a human travel agent. Use of Emojis and a friendly interaction lends credence to the view that Chatbots are getting more advanced with passing days.

The friendly mode of conversation gives a greater user experience.

4. Predictive and Proactive Chatbots

Being one step ahead of the consumer and offering him multiple options will suddenly quantify the Chatbots usefulness for the Travel Industry. Anticipating the next user’s query is why Travel Industry still prefers the Human Agent instead of the AI Chatbots. We at IntelliTicks have been pondering over AI effectiveness in developing predictive texts.

In the above illustration, we see the Agent is proactive in asking the visitor about his/her holiday plans in Andaman. Proactive in inquiring about the visitor total holiday stays keeps the visitor hooked on the website and the further movement towards the booking stage ensues.

5. Hybrid Combination of AI/ Humans

A Travel Chatbot can’t answer all the questions effectively are everyone aware of that. In order to not lose the customer due to the inability of the chatbot to understand the user question, Chatbots seeks to get the Human agent to take over the conversation.

The chatbot should accept that it couldn’t understand users question and asks for the E-Mail address for a further follow up. This leads to a greater confidence in the user that the Website will contact him/her for more thorough understanding of the problem. You can monitor the chatbot, alerts the stakeholders if a problem arise which in turn enables the humans to intervene and take stock of the conversation.

Key Takeaways:

Scope for AI powered Chatbots for travel Industry is immense and a move to a Chatbot would augur well for the Travel firms who are doing a lot of online booking. A perfect combination of the creative writers and the coding team could develop an AI powered Chatbot for unprecedented growth. IntelliTicks Chatbots are driving user engagement which further in turn yields lead engagements for the firms. Soaking up the website traffic and sieving it further to get qualified leads is the core aspect of our Chatbots.

If you want to learn more about our Travel Chatbots, check out our different Travel Chatbot templates.

Read our different case studies on Travel Chatbots here:

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