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Iron Man VR – The 5 Best Armors We Want To Wield


Camouflaj’s Iron Man VR is debuting its own take on Tony Stark’s armored Avenger.

Much of what we’ve seen of this PSVR exclusive thus far has focused on originality. The developer is keen to make this rendition its own, with an original story. That’s why it designed its own armor with the help of comic artist Adi Granov (who worked on classic Iron Man story, Extremis).

But that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a little nostalgia thrown in for good mix.

Most superhero games give fans a massive range of costumes to unlock. For Iron Man it’s a little different, as many of his armors fundamentally change in capability. That’s why we’ve rounded off five armors that we’d love to use in VR beyond the classic red and gold.


Iron Man Stealth

An Iron Man classic we surprisingly never saw in the movies (aside from a small easter egg). Stealth does pretty much what it says on the tin; it takes Tony off the radar, allowing him to infiltrate heavily-monitored airspace. If you’re fighting a bunch of drones, this could be a great way to keep a low profile.

Silver Centurion

Iron Man Silver Centurion

Okay, this one really is more about the look rather than the function. The Silver Centurion armor is something of a classic. As we saw in Iron Man 2, though, it could be used as an emergency suit stored in a briefcase, which might at least give it a narrative basis for an appearance in the game.

Hulk Buster

Iron Man Hulk Buster

I mean, duh. We doubt the Hulk himself is in Iron Man VR (fingers crossed!) but either way we’d love to test out the Hulk Buster for ourselves. Tony’s oversized behemoth is designed to take down the toughest threats and comes with increased strength. This is one armor we’re definitely hoping will make it in.

Mark I

Iron Man Mark 1

True, the Mark I can’t fly, doesn’t have laser beams and looks pretty cumbersome. But that might make for a fun level, right? We’d love to traipse through an enemy base taking out targets with makeshift weapons. Perhaps if Camouflaj’s story really does take Tony to his lowest point we’ll see this happen

War Machine

Iron Man War Machine

Okay, no, technically not an Iron Man armor but come on. War Machine’s fully-fitted armory isn’t quite as sci-fi as Tony’s but it looks like a heck of a lot of fun to use. Shoulder-mounted chainguns and wrist-mounted rockets would give us the perfect switch up from the rest of the game. Make it happen, Camouflaj!

Iron Man VR is out later this year exclusively on PSVR.

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