Massive VR Boss Battler Titan Arena Reemerges As Rise of the Titan


It’s been just over a year since we’ve heard from Titan Arena. This week, though, it reemerged with a different name.

The VR boss battling game, which takes influence from the likes of Shadow of the Colossus, failed a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign late last year. But developer Lightbound Studio didn’t give up there. This week, it debuted brand new footage for the game along with a new name; Rise of the Titan.

The video footage above comes from Reddit. Writing in a Steam update, the developer reasoned that the previous name made people think of a wave shooter. Rise of the Titan, meanwhile, intends to reflect the game’s narrative-driven campaign.

Its name might be different but Rise of the Titan still looks very promising. The game has you battling massive robots in arena battles. You navigate worlds using both smooth locomotion and a tether that vaults you around levels. It’s also used for scaling bosses so you can climb on top of them to cause real damage. There are also smaller enemies to fight and, as the new footage shows, other environments to explore.

Lightbound had hoped to raise $30,000 in its Kickstarter campaign, though ended its run with just over half of that. At the time, the developer vowed to continue on with development for the game.

Elsewhere, Lightbound confirmed the game would now be releasing in 2020 instead of 2019. It’s due for release on Rift and Vive, though the team says it will release on Quest ‘if possible’. You can wishlist it on Steam (ignore the release date) right here.

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