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Next No Man’s Sky Update To ‘Significantly Improve’ PSVR Image Quality


The next patch for No Man’s Sky will bring “significantly improved image quality in PSVR“.

That’s according to the 12/09 experimental build changelog posted on Steam. The experimental branch is only available on Steam, so while PlayStation VR users can’t quite try these changes yet, it does tell us what’s coming in the next build:

Significantly improved image quality in PSVR: reduced blurriness caused by TAA jitter and fixed low-quality terrain/atmosphere jaggies.

We reviewed No Man’s Sky VR on both Oculus Rift S and PlayStation VR. We gave the PSVR version a slightly lower score mainly due to the low quality “blurry” visuals. If the next patch truly does significantly improve this, Hello Games may just have solved the biggest problem with the game on that platform. For some particularly sensetive to the blur it may even bring them back to the game.

The changelog also states the build contains “a number of PC VR and PSVR rendering optimisations“. These optimizations may be what made it possible to improve visual quality on PSVR.

We tested the build on the Valve Index and noticed minor improvements over the last major optimization patch. We should note however that the game still does not maintain 90Hz on our RTX 2070. While it has come a long way, the game still simply does not perform well on PC.

No Man’s Sky VR had a rough launch, but Hello Games seems dedicated to solving the game’s issues one by one. While VR will never be the developer’s top priority, they have shown a commitment to virtual reality that many other VR ports do not, and for that we commend them.

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