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EarthXFilm Partners With UN & NYC To Develop Immersive Experiences For Climate Week


Raising climate awareness with 360-degree films and multi-sensory experiences. 

EarthxInteractive, a subsidiary of EarthxFilm specializing in environmentally-conscious immersive storytelling, has announced a partnership with the United Nations and City of New York to provide a series of 360-degree films and immersive experiences addressing world-scale environmental issues for their annual Climate Week in NYC.

From September 2023, Climate Week attendees can visit the Ford Foundation and Helen Mills Theater to experience a variety of 360-degree content curated by EarthxFilm. Not only that, but immersive content will also be available at the United Nations SDG Action Zone, an area located on UN property dedicated to the development of the organizations “Sustainable Development Goals.”

EarthXFilm Partners With UN & NYC To Develop Immersive Experiences For Climate Week 1
Image Credit: EarthxFilm

“We started EarthxInteractive to cultivate and broaden the reach of the interactive experiences being developed to highlight the beauty and plight of our planet,” said Tiffany Kieran, director of interactive programming and partnerships for EarthxFilm, in an official release.

“Since our event in Dallas last spring, we’ve been tapped to curate content for both national and international audiences like those at New York Climate Week, bringing an unprecedented level of experiential intimacy to help others connect with the Earth, and often igniting the needed spark to inspire change.” 

EarthXFilm Partners With UN & NYC To Develop Immersive Experiences For Climate Week 2
Arcadia Earth underwater exhibit / Image Credit: Arcadia Earth

In addition to these experiences, Arcadia Earth—a large-scale interactive experience powered by VR, AR, and projection mapping, will also be participating in the celebration, offering visitors access to a 15-room multisensory experience created by experiential artist Valentino Vettori that exposes them to a variety of human-scale art installations addressing a variety of environmental issues.

“Everyone talks about climate change in a negative way, but who wants to hear that we’re all going to die?” questioned Vettori. “This installation aims to inspire and engage in a more uplifting way that reminds us what we have and what we can do to change the way things are going – eliminate singe-use plastic, eat less meat, waste less food, and shop more responsibly.”

This past April, EarthxInteractive contributed heavily to the Earthx2019 Expo in Dallas, TX, offering visitors over 40 immersive experiences addressing a wide range of environmental concerns. Other participating organizations included EarthxAutoShow, EarthxTaste, a Solar Car Challenge, and Tiny House Exhibit, just to name a few. 

New York Climate Week takes place September 20th – 23rd in New York City. 

Feature Image Credit: EarthX

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