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No Man’s Sky PSVR Update Looks Better, But Performance Can Suffer


Rejoice! Today’s update for No Man’s Sky Beyond drastically reduces the blur for PSVR players. But there are some strings attached.

As Hello Games previously promised, Update 1.12 for the game tackles some of the blurriness we first saw when the game launched last month. The visual hit was enough to make us score the PSVR version of the game slightly lower than the PC VR version (which also launched with its fair share of issues). Hello Games has been cranking away at constant updates since, though.

You can see the results of today’s update in the video we took above. Bear in mind this is directly captured from a standard PS4, though there’s no mention of official PS4 Pro support yet, either. It records in 720p, so the difference isn’t quite as pronounced as it is inside the headset itself.

Jumping into the PSVR version of the game with improved visuals feels like a breath of fresh air. Textures are much crisper, giving the world a much more polished feel and draw distances seem to be improved too. We’ll have a side-by-side video coming soon to help. But it’s not a perfect solution.

I tried Update 1.12 on two planets. The smaller of the two ran perfectly fine but, on the larger planet I noticed significant stutter when turning my head. You can’t really see it in the video, but it’s why I’m moving my head so much. To double-check, I went off-planet and traveled to the smaller one. No issues there. But, when I reloaded the game and returned to the original planet, the stutter came back.

Today’s update is also meant to bring further improvements to the PC VR version of the game, though we haven’t gone hands-on with those yet. The full changelog is right here.

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