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PSVR Exclusive Blood & Truth Adds Partial Aim Controller Support


Surprisingly, PSVR exclusive Blood & Truth just added partial support for Sony’s Aim controller.

The free update to the game includes five new challenges named Skeet Challenges. Like the existing challenges in the game, they require sharpshooting skills for good scores. Each has a specific theme, like a puzzle-based course where you need to hit clay pigeons in a certain order or a London rooftop shootout.

More importantly, though, all of the game’s challenges, including these five new ones, can be played with Aim, Sony’s rifle-shaped motion controller.

Blood and Truth Aim Controller

Based on the GIFs seen in the PlayStation Blog, you can use Aim to wield two-handed weapons like shotguns and assault rifles. Support for the controller has been long requested for Blood & Truth. Until now, you could only play the game with two Move controllers or the Dualshock 4.

You can’t, however, replay the campaign with VR support. While that might be disappointing, many of Blood & Truth’s interactions outside of shooting wouldn’t feel natural with the device.

That’s not all that’s new here, though. This week’s update also adds the long-promised Hard Mode. Blood & Truth previously featured Cinematic and Normal difficulties. At release, the team’s Stuart Whyte reasoned that the team didn’t want to make the game too difficult. If you’ve been craving a little more challenge, though, now’s the time to get stuck in.

We thought Blood & Truth was pretty great when we reviewed it back in May. “The action is pulse-pounding and so bombastic it rivals even the biggest summer blockbusters,” we said. “This one is easily recommended to any PSVR owner that likes to shoot bad guys and watch stuff blow up.”

Meanwhile, we know that developer Sony London is busy working on its next PSVR game.

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