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Sony Has ’10 Year Vision’ For Media Molecule’s Dreams


Media Molecule’s Dreams has, understandably, been taking its time.

The platform, which lets players make their own games, has been in development for pretty much the entirety of PS4’s life. Even now, it’s only available as a limited Early Access version to early buyers. Given that Sony’s PS5 is widely expected to release next year, you might fear the game’s life span will be short lived. Fear not; Sony says it has a long-term vision for the experience.

In a recent interview with Play-Asia, Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida said that the company has “a 10 year vision for Dreams to keep growing with the community.”

We know that PS5 will be backwards compatible, so Dreams can certainly live there. The question, though, is if the app will get PS5-specific features.

There’s also the question of when and where the game will get the long-promised VR support. Media Molecule has long talked about Dreams’ PSVR support, but it’s not available in Early Access. It might be that support gets added to the PSVR version of the game, though we wonder if Sony might hold off for PS5’s release. The new console will support the original headset, which would definitely help in terms of processing power.

As for potential compatibility with a new, unannounced version of PSVR? That’s another topic entirely.

Either way, we eagerly await Dreams PSVR news. We’ve messed around with the game a little this year. It’s an incredibly accessible toolset, at the prospect of unleashing it on the VR community is tantalizing. Perhaps we could hear more during Sony’s State of Play broadcast next week? Fingers crossed.

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