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PSVR Predictions For PlayStation’s Next State of Play


Oculus Connect 6 isn’t the only event this week for VR fans.

Tomorrow at 1pm PT, Sony hosts its third State of Play broadcast. Naughty Dog’s eagerly-anticipated The Last of Us: Part II is set to be the star of the show. That said, we’re hoping for another healthy dose of PSVR installments from this update. We’ll bring you all the latest announcements of course but, for now, let’s go over some predictions we have for the show.

Iron Man VR Release Date

Iron Man VR

This seems like the most obvious choice, no? Iron Man VR was first revealed earlier this year (in a State of Play, no less) for 2019. We haven’t really seen much of the game since, bar repeat viewings of the original demo. If Camouflaj’s highly-anticipated adventure is still coming this year, we’d expect some definitive information tomorrow.

North West Studio Reveal

For almost as long as PSVR has been available, now, Sony has been building a new studio dedicated to the device in the north of the UK. We last reported that the team was hiring for an ‘AAA VR game‘ in January and even today it’s still got listings going. It’s possible we could finally see what the team has been working on at this week’s show. At this point, though, we’re starting to wonder if this might be a PS5 project.

Astro Bot 2

PSVR Predictions For PlayStation's Next State of Play 1We’re going out on a limb here. It’s been almost a year now since Astro Bot warmed the hearts of almost every PSVR player out there. The game was a critical hit and remains one of the most fondly-remembered PSVR titles. A sequel surely makes sense given its popularity. Give us more inventive levels and maximum adorableness.

PSVR Comes To PS Plus

Traditionally, Sony announces its next slate of free PS Plus games in the middle of the last full week of the month. This State of Play comes very close to meeting that window, which has us wondering if Sony might have something special to announce. It would be a real treat if the company finally committed to monthly PSVR games on the service. We’ve seen a few offered as extras, but it’s high past time we got them added monthly.

GORN/Budget Cuts/Doctor Who Spotlights

Gorn review

Earlier this month we highlighted a bunch of PSVR games still to come this year. Now would be a good time for Sony itself to highlight some of those releases, like the PSVR versions of Budget Cuts or Gorn. Perhaps a sizzle reel quickly brushing over what’s left for the last few months of the year is in order?

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