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Mysterious Story Details Revealed For VR Adventure Journey For Elysium


Cronos Interactive and Mantis Games have revealed some key story details for Journey for Elysium, their upcoming Rift and Vive narrative-driven title.

In the latest and final dev diary leading up to the game’s release, the team talked about how Journey for Elysium’s story will explore the classic Greek mythology dynamic between the mighty gods on Mount Olympus and measly humans who live under their rule.

We already saw some of the gameplay and puzzles earlier this year, and we knew about the Ancient Greek setting, however the developers have revealed even more narrative details. As put by the game’s Creative Lead, Dennis Holvoet, in the dev diary: “Someone died, now you’ll discover how he died.”

Journey for Elysium memories gameplay story

This is explored through a mechanic the team calls ‘memories’, which allow you to discover what happened to the unnamed, dead protagonist as he journeys through the underworld. “He discovers what happened to him, how he got to this point, by using memories,” said Holvoet. “The memories are basically the puzzle, and by solving this puzzle you push the story forward as a player … You’re living through that story and seeing what happened to you.”

Holvoet also hinted at non-linear elements of the story, implying that players could choose the “tempo” at which they progress through certain areas. It seems that the player might be able to discover narrative details and plot twists in a different order or in varied ways, depending on how they choose to move through the game world. It sounds like a fun concept, but it will be interesting to see if the narrative is truly as non-linear as it sounds.

Journey for Elysium is due out on Rift and Vive platforms before the end of the year.

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