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Oculus Software Designers Tease ‘Game Changing’ Reveal For OC6


We’re a day out from Oculus Connect 6 and a group of software designers are teasing big things.

Jonathan Ravasz, Product Design Prototyper at Facebook, recently tweeted about a session he’ll be hosting tomorrow. The session’s title is ‘To Be Announced’ and it will also feature Engineering Manager, Jenny Spurlock. In a tweet, Ravasz added that designer Etienne Pinchon, Product Designer Adam Varga and Interactions Designer Eugene Krivoruchko would join them to talk about “something special we have been cooking up”. The session takes place an hour after Facebook’s opening keynote ends.

Notably, these designers are based in Facebook’s London offices. In another tweet, Pinchon stated that the session would prive a “sneak peak [sic] at this insanely cool and game changing thing we have been working on”.

Interaction Innovations?

Each of these designers has been working specifically in VR software, not hardware. Krivoruchko worked on software for hand-tracking at Leap Motion and Pinchon worked on a WebVR creation platform named Hologram. Ravasz, meanwhile, previously worked on Oculus Rooms and Venues and Varga’s Twitter bio notes an interest in “XR” and “interfaces”.

Furthermore, a recent listing for a Software Engineer at Facebook’s London offices reads: “As a software engineer for AR/VR at Facebook London, you’ll be working at the forefront of building the future of interaction in VR with the team that built Oculus Rooms and Oculus Venues. We’re looking for talented engineers passionate about product and working on cutting edge technologies.”

The company is also currently looking for a UX Designer in London.

This news might not relate to any new hardware, then. Looking at that past body of work, though, it could be related to how we interact with VR. Could the inside-out tracking cameras on Rift S and Quest be about to enable enhanced or entirely new forms of VR input?

Either way, we’re excited to see what this is. We’ll be at Connect tomorrow to bring you all the latest from the show. For now, check out our list of predictions for the main event.

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