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Stardust Odyssey Is A New PSVR Space Shooter Coming This Winter


During its livestreamed State of Play presentation today, PlayStation showed a sizzle reel that included a handful of upcoming PSVR games including one called Stardust Odyssey, which we had never heard of before today.

From the brief clips shown during the presentation it looks like a pretty straight-up space shooter, albeit one with lots of bright colors. The locales on display were extremely vibrant with deep purples and strong orange colors. A far cry from the traditional blackness that pervades most space flight games, for obvious reasons.

stardust odyssey screenshot psvr 1

Unfortunately we really don’t know anything else at the time of this writing. Stylistically it does evoke some themes from past Stardust games, but this one certainly seems to offer a new perspective on the formula with more action-packed gameplay from what we’ve seen. Perhaps it’s just the name similarity but it gave me some Scavenger’s Odyssey vibes, which was one of the included short games on the PSVR Worlds collection three years ago.

You might remember that Super Stardust Ultra also included a VR mode, but it’s hard to say how connected this game is to the Stardust franchise as a whole.

Despite the fact that VR headsts burst onto the market with space shooters such as EVE: Valkyrie, Elite Dangerous, and various others, the genre has been a bit slow since. End Space and Eve are probably the two best on the PSVR specifically, other than the brief X-Wing Mission in the original Star Wars Battlefront reboot.

Let us know what you think of this news, we’ve linked the snippet time stamp for Stardust Odyssey right here.

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