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Medal of Honor VR Revealed as Respawn’s AAA VR Shooter, Trailer Here


Medal of Honor VR Revealed as Respawn's AAA VR Shooter, Trailer Here 1

Respawn has been know to be working on a ‘AAA VR shooter’ for two years, but today finally revealed the game. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond brings the iconic franchise back to life, now realized for virtual reality.

Set to launch in 2020, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is set in World War II and will put players right in the midst of the fight.

The game is being published by Oculus Studios for Rift, which means it will be exclusive to the Oculus platform, and only officially available on the Rift (though with any luck it’ll play nice with the well known ‘Revive’ workaround).

Medal of Honor is a storied franchise spanning more than 15 games, with the first title launching in 1999. With eight years between the most recent Medal of Honor game (2012) and this upcoming 2020 rebirth, it’ll be very interesting to see how Respawn re-imagines the franchise for VR, and whether it can truly carry it forward.

So far Respawn hasn’t offered too much detail on the features of the game, but at this point it’s clear it’ll be a WWII action shooting game. Hopefully it won’t be long until we learn more.

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