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How to Make Successful Blog on Medium


The idea is quite obvious. Generating a lot of valuable content is the most effective thing you can do for your blog’s audience growth. Simply be consistent, come up with a schedule, and stick with it. Many people even think this is the most important part of making a successful blog.

Remember, it’s like a job, you have to provide the value regularly, otherwise, your audience will never grow well enough, your enthusiasm will disappear quickly in this situation. If you post consistently, it will learn how to avoid procrastination (it’s very easy in writing), make you better in being a blogger and your audience will inevitably grow.

Just illustrate how important it is to post regularly and often: when I post weekly I get 4 times as many views as I post once a month.

Simply generate content that is worth reading. Better if it’s unique content.

Some people just post anything useful nor entertaining. Make small research, take a look at similar blogs, and ask yourself whether yours provides the same value. If not, start from here.

To illustrate the importance of the tip, this is statistics of one of my articles, and the most views there came from google because the content is very unique and useful:

As a source of inspiration, I often start thinking like an SEO marketer: just ask yourself what exactly your audience needs to know on a topic you’re writing about, or use a tool helping you to find the most popular questions on a matter.

By the way, this is an interesting point, because making articles being indexed by search engines is nothing else but SEO. Organic search engine traffic is a great source of free views and reads for your posts. If you’d like to go deeper on SEO techniques, check out this awesome YouTube channel.

The chart above shows the amount of view for a month when I posted nothing at all. This means all of the views are just organic searches. You can see that people do not tend to read my blog on weekends. The conclusion is the following: posting on weekends is the worst idea (for my blog, obviously).

Moreover, for my blog, it’s quite obvious that the biggest spikes of reads happen on Mondays which means it is the best day of the week for posting new articles to get the biggest reach. However, the exact day of the week depends on your audience, and you will have to perform your little research to determine the most appropriate day.

To summarise: analyze your view stats to determine which weekday is better for your blog.

For me, this’s been the cheapest way of growing audience on Medium slowly but surely. The idea is quite simple, you can do the same manually: just go to the search and start looking for articles with similar or related topics, then just go ahead and put a few claps to the author or/and hit the follow button. If you do that often enough, the authors and their readers will see you among the “clappers” or followers and some will check out your blog as well.

Bots are just automating this kind of interactions. However, the bad news is that there is no ready-to-use working open source/free solutions for such bots. Moreover, there are no paid bots doing that. This is why I’ve created my own.

Just Promote Us! is a cloud bot service provider, where experienced engineers take all the issues of running the bots on their own, monitoring every problem and adapting to the Medium changes. Thus, the most common usage pattern is “sign up once and forget”, because the service is running bots all days long accumulating followers and claps without any actions from your side.

You can expect around 500 additional views per month, and around 10–20 new followers/claps/highlights/comments on your blog daily. Remember, the bot helps you attract more people, but it’s your responsibility to keep their attention.

This is one of my most favorite tips. However, it will only work in case you are using every single one I listed above.

Everything I have given to you so far is important to do, and it will give you results. However, if you want to grow rapidly, you may consider promoting one of your posts with the plain old ads.

To understand why you would use ads for your blog, you have to know something. Medium recommends articles that are read and liked a lot. This means the more it’s read the more reads it gets for free, it gets kind of viral in case you get enough claps.

In other words, you use ads to boost amount of readers to get it recommneded by Medium to other people. Here is statistics of my most liked article:

The other reason for using ads is the following. Imagine, you spent a few hours of your precious time writing an article, spending $5 to have 500 more people to see your writing is worth it.

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