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Build a Chatbot With IBM Watson Assistant -Part1-


Getting started with IBM Watson Assistant

Abdelhakim Ouafi

In our digital age, Chatbots are gaining popularity among the industries. Basically, the chatbot is a program powered by Artificial Intelligence to mimics human discussions. Corporations are using chatbots to implement customer support on their services or websites and work as knowledge assistants and business advisors.

Popular chatbots include IBM’s Watson, LiveChat, Dailogflow, chatfuel, and LivePerson to name just a few. But even if you don’t own one of these things, you might have interacted with one of these chatbots without even knowing it. Many institutions are currently implementing this technology especially for information gathering tasks or customer service purposes.

Register an account with IBM Cloud service

In this series of articles, we’ll use the Watson Assistant service hosted on the IBM Cloud platform. but before we progress further, we’ll need to register for an account.

So the first thing we gonna do here is to register for Watson Assistant by going to the URL showed in the image below, or just you can click Here.

Fill in all the information they asked you for, like the email, First name, Last name, the country, and a strong password.

The information you see in the image above just for demonstration purposes.

Now you’ll be asked to verify your email.

Check your inbox for the confirmation email and for good measure, be sure to check your spam folder as well if you don’t see the email after a couple of minutes.

After successful verification, you’ll see a Log In button, click on it.

Now scroll down and accept the agreement (Terms of Condition) by clicking on the proceed button.

Congratulations. You registered and activated your IBM Cloud account.

You’re now logged in and should see your empty dashboard.

Create a Watson Assistant service

Now we are ready to create a Watson Assistant service.

first Click on the Create resource button on your dashboard.

Search for Watson Assistant in the search box and then click on that tile.

Now you are on the Watson Assistant creation page, you should switch the region or the location that near to your country.

Note of the differences between the free Lite plan which you’ll be using in the entire course and the other plans available you see on the page.
With the Lite plan selected, click on the Create button at the bottom to create your instance.

You’ll be redirected to the launch page for the service you have just created.
Click on the Launch Watson Assistant tool button to access the web application that will allow you to create the chatbot.

You’ll be redirected to the IBM Watson Assistant page.

Now you can click on the Skills menu at the top of the page, as it’s where we’ll teach our chatbot how to chat in the next lesson of this course.

Since you have a superior picture of what chatbots are and why they are profitable, you are prepared to really begin constructing a chatbot. In the following lessons, we’ll take a look at how chatbots work and work with Intents and entities in the next lessons.

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