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Facebook Messenger Chatbots For Businesses


What potential do Facebook Messenger chatbots carry for businesses?


You’ve heard the buzz. Chatbots are taking over every sector of industries. We can see them slowly growing into our favourite websites and even social media now, all while we sleep!

As Mark Zuckerberg announces that Facebook Messenger bots for businesses can be now integrated, the whole world goes gaga over the news! But what a lot of us fail to understand are the basics! We all don’t quite understand what chatbots are for, how they function and what potential do they come with. Yet, we know for some reason that chatbots are here to stay!

So in this blog, let’s gather some insights on the unknown! We’ll focus on what facebook messenger bots are, how do they help businesses and how can you build one for yourself.

Let’s start with-

Simply put, Chatbots are online conversationalists that engage website visitors, automates initial interaction for businesses and provides 24/7 hour seamless customer support- which is all that we could’ve ever asked for! Chatbots are the easiest and most effective way of building rapport with the customers and provide quick solutions.

Now, Facebook is the biggest social media platform out there, consisting of over 2.1 billion users! So what better platform could possibly be out there for businesses to reach out to larger audiences? When Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook is allowing chatbot integrations for businesses, these businesses seized the perfect opportunity of expanding their point of contact on a larger platform. In the current scenario, there are more than 100,000 bots on messenger!

Chatbots on Facebook Messenger are working out really well!

It’s much easier to reach out to-

According to a Facebook survey, more than 53% of the users said they’d rather prefer talking to a chatbot first than directly contacting an agent for their simple doubts and queries to be resolved. And facebook is the third most-used apps in the world. Hence, Chatbot on Messenger is booming like never before, and that’s because of its constructive mixture- a conversationalist and a large social platform!

Higher open and return rates-

There is a hike of about 70–80% open rates and about 85% of return rates observed with chatbots. The reason behind this- it reaches your audience directly. People seem to open Facebook notification a lot more than opening a marketing email. And about 71% of people delete a business mobile app within 90 days! (Jeez, that’s harsh!)

Helps you build a strong online presence-

Chatbots on Facebook Messenger is a great social media marketing tactic. With half the world spending most of the time on social media websites, it’s not too hard for a business to promote its brand and get more views in no time. After all, the path to success is through word of mouth. So make sure your website is as cool as it can get and you’ve got the best chatbot support on Messenger.

It’s cheaper than building a mobile app-

Chatbots are a great way of getting tasks done and at the same time save your pockets from the exorbitant expenses you shell out on marketing and customer care. Double jackpot?! Chatbots can be easily built on chatbot platforms. They need no coding, programming or a need to hiring any tech team to construct you a bot. You just have to train the bot by building your conversational flow and make use of many nodes to make your chatbot multi-functional. But in case you don’t want to do this- go bot templates. P.S, don’t forget to make your response engaging, witty and as ‘human’ as possible!

Saves money and time on customer care-

Chatbots give instant replies and deliver quick solutions. Hence, this makes the customer cut down on the wait time and gain higher customer satisfaction. Let your agents take care of more important tasks while your Facebook Messenger chatbot takes care of customer support!

Identifies leads-

As your bot greets potential customers, it can identify leads by asking them questions and immediately directs high-quality leads to your human sales team.

Uses better engagement tactics-

As mentioned above, chatbots take your customers’ information, but this time they can also personalise their content analyzing their history of searches and interests. Therefore, you can send your customers links, images, carousels and much more! Yes, you can sell your product through your Facebook Messenger bot! You can also provide a CTA that directs your customer to your website or allows them to make payment. Hit a home run, E-commerce!

The usual myth about ‘how complicated building a chatbot’ is debunked. Because several chatbot building platforms are letting people build chatbots easily without the need for any coding and programming. If you’re a business and you wanna build a chatbot for Facebook Messenger using a chatbot building platform like Engati, all you have to do is- build a chatbot, create the dialogue flow, make sure you have a Facebook website, press on ‘integrations’ on the Engati intelligent nodes and link your brand new chatbot on Facebook Messenger! Voila, it’s as easy as that!

Visit the Engati website to build a robust chatbot for Facebook Messenger and your website.

To know a little more about chatbot technology, read some of our previous blogs!

Thanks for reading. We hope you found this blog helpful.

Happy botting!

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