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7 Powerful Ways AI Is Transforming WordPress Websites


One of the biggest strengths of WordPress is its adaptable nature. The platform makes sure that it takes into consideration users’ requirements as well as the latest technological developments. One such emerging technology that is impacting the CMS in a big way is artificial intelligence. Many people are unaware that AI is transforming WordPress in multiple ways. It is helping website owners enhance the user experience of their interfaces by providing better service. The technology is also helping webmasters in managing their entities more efficiently. In this post, we are listing some of the most powerful ways in which technological innovation can impact websites built with the world’s most popular web development platform.

For a long time, it was thought that only top-end websites with significant resources at their disposal could offer personalized recommendations to their users. However, even if you are a small website owner, you do not need to hire WordPress developers to introduce the feature on your interface. The functionality can be integrated simply by installing a relevant plugin. There are plugins with machine learning capabilities that train themselves to know how people interact with your interface. They then use this knowledge to offer personalized suggestions to visitors. This enhances the user experience of the website and encourages people to spend more time by going through the content they are interested in.

The most common example of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence you can see is the chatbot. Almost every website has installed one to answer queries by visitors. There are various virtual assistant plugins available to WordPress users that help them in implementing the live chat feature on their properties. These tools interact with your audience to learn about their behavior. This training helps them to get a better understanding of different types of clients. As time passes, the assistants perform even better than before, which means that a majority of customers are satisfied with your service.

Website security is another aspect where machine learning along with artificial intelligence has made a great impact. There are powerful security plugins with advanced malware detection and other protective features that use these technologies to ensure better protection of your interface. These tools identify patterns in comments and other user interactions to detect and block spam and other threats. They also automatically update their databases to register any newly identified threats. This means that a website is protected efficiently against all kinds of hazards.

Content curation is an area where AI is transforming WordPress significantly. Instead of finding relevant material yourself, you can install tools with machine learning capabilities, for the purpose. There are plugins that train by registering visitors’ feedback on the existing content. They then use this insight to find relevant material from other sources. This not only eases the process to find new matter for your website but also ensures that only the content that will resonate with your audience is selected. This means that these innovative tools will help in boosting user engagement on your interface.

How do you know whether the content you are going to post will resonate with the audience or not? This is an important question with which webmasters have been grappling for a long time. It is easy to assess the performance of an article after publishing but what if you could get an idea of the audience’s reaction to it beforehand? Now some plugins can help you do so. Once you activate them, you can analyze your write-ups to find the possible emotions like joy, disgust, and anger, the content will arouse in the audience. This will help in modifying the text so that it is perfectly aligned with your visitors’ behavior.

Have you ever wondered how Google gives you the exact suggestion before you even typed the full search term? Well, the world’s number one search engine uses machine learning to provide a better search experience to users. The same functionality is now available to WordPress users. There are plugins that include the autocomplete feature on a website. Now if people will even type incorrect terms, they will be offered the correct suggestions.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions in the world. AI is helping online store owners provide a better shopping experience to their customers. They can use machine learning to provide better product recommendations and include chatbots to give improved service to clients. The technology is also helping store owners detect fake reviews and spam comments. They are also using machine learning to get a better insight into their clients’ behavior.

These are the notable ways in which AI is transforming WordPress websites. The innovative technology is helping website owners offer a better user experience to their visitors and improve the performance of their interfaces.

Author Bio

Brandon Graves is a senior developer with HireWPGeeks, a WordPress web development company. He is an expert at converting any kind of website to WordPress. Brandon also loves to experiment with new technologies like AI for building custom plugins. Follow him on Twitter to get updates about the latest blogs where he shares his experiences.

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