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VRNGRY Power Pack Adds Battery and Counterweight to Oculus Quest


VRNGRY Power Pack Adds Battery and Counterweight to Oculus Quest 1

The VRNRGY Power Pack, an auxiliary battery pack designed specifically to fit on the back of an Oculus Quest, is now available for order on the company’s website.

Generally, the Quest only offers up around 2 hours of gaming battery life on a single charge, as we mentioned in our mostly glowing review of the standalone headset. When both devices are completely charged, the VRNRGY Power Pack promises to keep the Quest alive for triple that amount of time, offering “up to 6 hours of VR gaming” as stated on the product webpage.

The VRNRGY Power Pack also acts a counterweight to by placing the battery on the back of the front-heavy headset, right inside of the triangle opening that normally grips the crown of the user’s head. While we noted in our review that the perceived weightiness of the Oculus Quest is often a result of users misfitting the side and top straps to the shape of their head, this counter-weight is supposedly designed to allow easier fitting and adjustment right off the bat.

The power pack is held in place by a “breathable” neoprene strap, which is visibly designed around the form factor of the Oculus Quest. The battery itself is based on Samsung’s Li-Ion technology, boasting 7,000 mAh which VRNRGY says can subsidize up to 6 hours of VR gaming or 8 hours of video streaming without interruption.

The VRNRGY Power Pack retails at $50 MSRP, but is currently available at a discounted launch price of $35. VRNRGY also sells a protective front travel cover (MSRP $20) for the Quest, which is currently discounted to $15. The protective cover ships on October 20.

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