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9 Tips to Combine Your Email Marketing and Chatbots


Connie Benton

There are many ways to interact with the client. The main of them are chatbots and email marketing. If you need to know how to combine them competently, read our material.

Modern man is very demanding and selective. Also, everyone likes to receive information on their requests instantly. Therefore, it is very difficult to find a balance between the quickest response and the lack of compulsion in written alerts. But it is a combination of chatbots, as scripted programs, and email marketing, as one of the most effective channels, that will give the maximum result for the company.

Chatbots will help ensure that the client opens the mailbox and reads the letter from your company. The program remembers each client, can respond to any requests and start a dialogue with the user when he visits the company’s website. And most importantly, it can attract customers with pop-ups in their smartphones. Email marketing also remembers customers, but it does not help to contact them. After all, opening a mailbox and reading your letter is just the desire of the client himself.

For example, the company sent an email with any information useful to the client. A chatbot can easily notify him. Need to take an online survey or leave a review? A letter will not always prompt a client to do this. But a personal appeal from the bot, useful advice from him or a nice bonus almost always guarantees a user response.

Here are some effective tips for combining communication channels:

  • Offer a choice to the customer. Not every person agrees to leave his email address to receive a lot of “garbage” from the company. Nevertheless, people are more comfortable with incoming messages to messengers, willingly agreeing to receive a newsletter. When you offer to subscribe to your newsletter, let the person decide what channel is most convenient for him.
  • Expand your user base. Now it’s easy to get lost among the abundance of information. Program the bot so that it offers a specific person a sphere of news or products that would be interesting to him and send him the news, promotional offers and notifications of new products via e-mail. So a person will wait for letters from you, being as involved as possible.
  • Experience’s personalization. Now the usual electronic newsletter practically does not work. All this is due to the increased requirements of the client and the expectation of a personal relationship. The emphasis on personalization will allow you to increase customer interest by 74% and your income by 18 times. “Sorting” can occur according to several signs: the source of registration, gender, preferences, previous experience, relation to the basket, etc. In such situations, the chatbot is your salvation. For example, BabyCentreUK with their help ask young parents some questions in the messenger, receiving specific information about problems and needs and thus creating content. This method will greatly accelerate your marketing campaigns, because knowing what the client wants, give you the preference to personally offer exactly what he needs.

  • AI — as a generator of potential customers. As you know, if there are no leads you have no sales. And for 63% of marketers, the creation of qualified leads is the main task. The traditional formation of leads is an outdated, long and practically non-working process. Chatbot solves the issue using instant messengers in gadgets. Now you do not need to go through cumbersome registration, just answer the robot’s questions. So much nicer! And most importantly, the formation of targeted content occurs immediately. Are you planning a live broadcast or webinar? Let your customers know about it instantly! The same method will significantly humanize your communication with the user and over time will allow you to understand what is interesting to the client and to form an e-mail list based on this.
  • Link to the chatbot in the letter. Put a link to the chatbot in your email. For example, your content is interesting to the client, but he has no desire to read long letters. He could be happy to “activate” your chatbot in his social networks.
  • The remainder of unopened letters. There can be many reasons for sending emails. For example, news about a competition or survey, presentation of new products or current updates. But you cannot affect the client’s desire to open them. On the contrary, the next letter in the box is more likely to annoy the client. After all, he undoubtedly receives them not only from you. If there is something important in the inbox, let the chatbot remind the person of this, encourage him to open letters and read what is needed.
  • Feedback on the order. In the order’s email, you can add a link to the chatbot. Then the client will be able to track the status of the order, get advice on its use, resolve issues regarding complaints and possible defects. It is unlikely that the client will refuse to actively support the product that he purchased. And by organizing decent support, you will get a regular customer.
  • Chatbots’ promotion in emails. Your goal is to provide multi-channel customer support. Provide it by any means. Explain the importance of instant reaction from clients (and using the chatbot at the same time), encourage them to use the chatbot (for example, a discount on the next order).
  • Humanity alerts. This is perhaps the most difficult piece of advice. Since you need to choose the right tone and language with which the program will contact various people. A person should like your message, it should satisfy him as much as possible, otherwise, you can easily lose a client because he simply will not respond. Also, the robot should present your brand as profitably as possible.

A correctly written message is a guarantee of opening a letter, returning a client to the site, providing personal data, and attracting new customers. If you don’t know how to write a script easily, ironically, and readily, professionals from pro essay writer agency will be able to set the right tone and mood for your message, as well as the most profitable way to advertise your brand. It is very important not only to create unique and non-trivial content but also to make proofread to ready-made material.

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