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VR RPG Vengeful Rites Launches Second Chapter, Doubling Its Content


Vengeful Rites recently launched Chapter 2: Into the Fire after an early access launch in August last year. According to an update posted to the game’s Steam page, this chapter doubles the total content available in the game.

This is the second of four planned chapters with Chapter 2 estimated at around 3-4 hours of content. When the full game is released, the entire project is supposed to provide around 12 hours of content.

The Steam page also offers a description of the new areas and enemies you’ll be fighting in Into the Fire:

Your adventure now takes you through the Stormy Swamp and deep into Serafin Castle, where your order of magical monster slayers originated. Don’t expect a warm welcome home, however, as the war with the Order of the Eternal Flame has left the castle in ruins and the brotherhood completely wiped out.

The chapter also marks the game’s first use of quest items, and supposedly also introduces harder enemies and a more open-ended approach to the environment and challenges.

We enjoyed the first chapter, and David said it was “definitely one of the most promising VR RPGs we’ve seen in quite some time.” David also livestreamed an hour of gameplay from the first chapter back at beginning of the year, and you can catch the VOD of that stream on our Twitch channel.

The game is still in early access and is also currently 25% off on the Steam store, presumably in celebration of the new chapter launch, until the 12th of October. It’s available for the Index, Rift, Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

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