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Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered WiFi Camera.

Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered WiFi Camera is home security camera system lets you listen in and talk back through the built in speaker and microphone that work directly through your iPhone or Android Mic.

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Autoblow AI | Virtual Reality Reporter


when is a blowjob machine for its 249 dollars? when it works with artificial intelligence. 

Four years ago the company funded the autoblow 2 on IndieGoGo, where they sold three hundred and eighty one thousand dollars of their product to thirty three hundred men.  

The Autoblow to still is the most successful male sex toy crowdfunding campaign in history, and is now owned by more than two hundred thousand men around the world. 

Over these last four years they listened to customer feedback and reinvented the autoblow to give user exactly what they asked for and more . 

Improvements from Previous generation 

Let’s start with the noise, people told them that the Autoblow to was too loud but that’s because they haven’t seen the Autoblow One, which was far more noisy than the second generation. 

Good news is that the new autoblow AI is 50% quieter than the autoblow 2, and three times more powerful. 

The company made this new generation quieter but at the same time they developed a new motor, gripper, and sleeve that makes the Autoblow AI feel even more like a real blowjob.  

The patent pending penis gripper sits nicely into the sleeves that is locked between the two ridges, where you insert your lubricated penis into. 

When in action, the gripper moves the sleeve up and down over the penis, thus creating friction that feels far better than your own hands. However, the way this devices moves is the Autoblow AI’s secret sauce. 

The new autoblow AI utilizes four sensors, and an integrated mini computer to move this gripper to match a0ny of 250 different points using artificial intelligence technology.  

Their team of experts watched 6,000 minutes of pornographic videos and invented a way to input data and simulate what was happening during the blowjob scenes.  

The experts then ran several types of machine learning algorithms on the data set to build an AI model that recognized 16 blowjob techniques. 

The team programed those 16 techniques into 10 VR experiences and so that their new our machines can allow users to enjoy blowjobs exactly how they’re given in real life.  

You even have full control over the speed of each blowjob experience.  

One of the ten modes delivers a special enhanced AI experience that’s different every every time where the machine keeps changing its technique until you finish or you turn it off.  

Size Does Not Matter

the gripper and sleeve we invented work with all penis sizes 

so every stroke is enjoyed regardless of what size penis you have, 

Climax Feature

This is the first product of its time to have an edging feature.  

Let’s say you’re enjoying blowjob experience number 8 at speed level 7 and you would like to arrive to climax quicker, all you have to do is to hit the climax control button. It remembers what it was doing so that as soon as you press the button again, the machine goes right back into the blowjob mode you were enjoying at the same speed. 

Is it Hard to Clean Up the Mess

When you have arrived at your destination, cleanup is quick and easy.  

The steps are: 

  1. -pull out the sleeve 
  2. -pour out the contents to your preferred container. 
  3. -wash the Autoblow AI sleep with soap water


The Autoblow AI can be charged from any wall outlet, and so it’s very portable and can be taken anywhere you wish. 

Autoblow A.I. Uses Artificial Intelligence to Give the Perfect Blowjob

new design achieves a pleasurable balance between all 4 factors marrying a 2-ridged 100% premium silicone sleeve with an open ABS carriage. The sleeve’s ridges rest atop and below the carriage. Simply insert your lubricated penis and the machine’s patent pending gripper pulls the sleeve up and down over your penis creating friction that feels fantastic. Press one button to cycle between the different techniques and then press the + or – buttons to enjoy each technique at a faster or slower speed.  

The variety of stroking actions ensure that men with short, average length, and long penises will all be able to enjoy the machine equally. The sleeve is suitable for virtually all penis girths. The machine’s lead screw is built directly into the motor, creating a compact design and maximizing the stroking distance. A microprocessor and sensors detect the gripper’s location and ensure the movements are realistically achieved.   

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