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Spider-Man, Ultron Return In Avengers: Damage Control Trailer


Marvel, ILMxLAB and The Void are launching Avengers: Damage Control next week. A new trailer reveals a few surprise returning characters.

The story trailer for the experience just went live. It gives us our first look at gameplay. More importantly, though, it confirms that Spider-Man himself will be stopping by in the multi-user location-based adventure. We can’t tell if it’s Tom Holland voicing him, but we’re just happy to see him flip into our headsets after the recent drama between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures.

Perhaps the bigger surprise is the return of an Avengers villain; Ultron. He hasn’t appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. It’s never been confirmed if Damage Control is official MCU canon but it could well be, marking this return as one fans won’t want to miss.

Also showing up in Damage Control are Hulk, War Machine, Black Panther and Falcon. We also know that Dr. Strange, Ant-Man and The Wasp all put in an appearance too, voiced by their big-screen counterparts. Players themselves will put on a suit of armor that features a mix of Stark and Wakandan technology. It looks like a mashup of Iron Man and Black Panther suits. We’ll be interested to see how the experience feels given last year’s Marvel: Powers United VR was a bit disappointing.

Tickets to Avengers: Damage Control are on sale now, with the experience opening October 18. Prices start at around $40. It’s only showing in the US and Canada for now, but fingers crossed we see it elsewhere in the near future.

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