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Beat Saber Now Has Achievements On Oculus And Steam Platforms


Late last week, Beat Games announced that achievements for Beat Saber were released on Oculus and Steam platforms. The achievements are the same ones that were already available for PSVR users as trophies.

There are 26 achievements in total, which range from relatively easy (Drill – Get total 10,000 good cuts or more) to somewhat hard (Drum Kit – Get full combo on at least 15 different levels on hard difficulty). For the uninitiated, full combo in Beat Saber means completing a level without missing a single block. Achieving that on 15 hard levels might keep you going for a while. That being said, some people are very good at Beat Saber, and there’s currently no achievements for the infamous Expert+ levels.

Weirdly, there’s also no way to see the achievements in-game before you unlock them. On Oculus platforms, you’ll be able to view them on your profile after unlocking each one, whereas Steam displays the achievements in their client just like any other Steam game. To see a list of the achievements, alongside descriptions of each one, you can head over to Steam Hunters.

The addition comes after a busy couple of weeks for Beat Games. At OC6 the company announced a new music pack featuring Panic! At The Disco songs, which was released two weeks ago. The studio was then also peripherally involved in the recent change to the Oculus Quest Content Guidelines, which saw popular Beat Saber custom song tool BeatOn for Quest withdraw support for the platform, causing frustration for many Quest players.

In the wake of BeatOn, Beat Games did give a small update on official support for custom levels on the Quest, which is taking longer than anticipated. Meanwhile, on PSVR the game returned to the top of the September PlayStation Store charts. It’s been a really busy month for Beat Saber news.

What do you guys think of the achievements? Easy? Hard? Let us know in the comments below.

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