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Ethereum Price Prediction: Top ETH Value Forecasts [2019 List]


Ethereum Price Prediction: Top ETH Value Forecasts [2019 List] 1

Ethereum has been the number two cryptocurrency in the world (by overall market capitalization) for many years now. However, unlike Bitcoin, the digital asset can be used for purposes other than payments and value storage. For starters, the ETH ecosystem can be thought of as a foundational tool that can be used by developers to devise other coins as well as unique decentralized applications. With that being said, owing to Ether’s high liquidity quotient, the currency can be used to facilitate daily monetary transactions as well.

It also bears mentioning that Ethereum currently enjoys more base-pairing options than any other cryptocurrency not named Bitcoin. As a result of all these aforementioned niche’ features, the crypto asset scaled up to its all-time high of around $1,400 early last year — a figure which experts are not sure if ETH can scale back to again (at least in the near future).

In this article, we will look at some predictions that have been made in regards to Ethereum by well-known industry experts. These views should not be taken as concrete investment advice and are meant to simply serve as pointers. So without any further ado, let’s get straight into the heart of the matter.

Olaf Carlson-Wee — Around $7,000

Polychain Capital CEO Olaf Carlson-Wee has quite a positive outlook for Ethereum in the medium to long term. In an interview given by Olaf to Bloomberg a couple of years back, he told the media outlet that by the end of 2018 the price of Ether would surpass that of Bitcoin — something which we now know has not been the case. However, following the above-stated prediction, he then altered his outlook and claimed that the premier altcoin would scale up to a price point of around $7,000 within the next year or so.

The reason why Carlson-Wee is so optimistic about ETHs future is that he believes that the currency’s underlying technology is far ahead of everything else that is available in the market right now and that as time progresses, people will start to see the true technological and financial potential of this unique digital asset.

Michael Yuan — Optimistic about Medium-Term Prospects

Dr. Michael Yuan is the founder of OpenBay — a new decentralized marketplace — as well as the CEO of Second State, a global provider of smart contract-based business solutions. He recently told BitcoinExchangeGuide that he is quite optimistic about the value of ETH in the medium-term. The reason for this is because Ethereum’s overall network usage has gone up significantly over the past few months — primarily because Decentralized Finance applications are taking off and absorbing a lot of Ether tokens as deposits/stakes.

Over the long term, Yuan believes that the price of the premier currency will depend largely on whether the long-awaited ETH 2.0 upgrade goes smoothly. He further told BEG:

“A common pattern in the crypto market is that price increases (pump) in anticipating of a major event. As soon as the event actually happens, the price crashes as people sell for profit (dump). It is a highly unregulated and manipulated market. In terms of Bakkt, there is huge anticipation and then disappoint with its trading volume.”

Matthew De Silva — Worthless

De Silva is a crypto-journalist who has been skeptical of Ether for quite some time now. In the past, he has referred to the premier currency as being intrinsically worthless. His comments seemed to have ticked off Vitalik Buterin — the creator of Ethereum — so much that he recently took to Twitter to respond to De Silva’s unwarranted criticism. For starters, Buterin pointed out that there were clear advantages to using ETH as a means of paying for gas — since the fee was already baked into the protocol and that the network protocol supported it.

Vaibhav Kadikar — $1,000 by 2020

Vaibhav Kadikar is the Founder & CEO, CloseCross, a decentralized prediction market platform. Speaking with Bitcoinexchangeguide, he made it clear that ETH and BTC were decoupled on their fundamentals — with BTC being a long term store of value against ETH gaining value from the utility it provides to its users. He further pointed out that as Ethereum gradually transitions to a PoS framework, its scalability, as well as its overall utility, will improve drastically.

“Ethereum is the largest established blockchain with a smart contract layer and will likely continue its dominance with dapps continuing to be built on it with increasing complexity and scalability. I see the upward trend in demand for processing Ethereum transactions and hence the price will go up too. The value per ETH will most likely head to the $1000 mark towards the end of 2020 given the above developments and the POS rollout occurring in the first half of 2020.”

Kadikar then went on to add:

“ It is highly unlikely that ETH would gain a huge appreciation from thereon unless the gas rates are reduced and the network usage increases 100x. ETH is after all the fuel for the Ethereum network so it can’t be too pricey for people to use. So there’s a natural cap on its value. Think of people moving to electric if gas/petrol becomes too expensive to run their cars.”

Aayush Jindal — $500+

Aayush Jindal is a familiar name to those who have dabbled in the world of crypto trading. In the past, Jindal has worked for several media outlets where he has presented his views with well thought out price predictions that are based on facts and figures. In his estimation, most of the technical indicators that are currently associated with ETH will continue to remain negative insofar as the price of the currency continues to stay below the $515 mark. However, he did add that if Ether was somehow able to surge past this level, it could open the doors for a fresh new bull run.

“Overall Ether could consolidate in the short term, but it remains at a risk of more losses until there is a break above $515.”

Jeff Reed — Will Cross Bitcoin’s Value

Our first bold prediction for Ethereum comes from cryptocurrency author and independent analyst Jeff Reed who believes that Ethereum will surge in the long term — so much so that the asset’s value will easily go beyond that of Bitcoin’s. The reason for Jerry’s insane optimism is that he believes the ETH ecosystem is much better equipped to handle the challenges (especially those pertaining to scalability, ease of use, divisibility, etc) that may arise in the future when compared to any other currency available in the market today.

Another reason why Reed is so optimistic about Ethereum is because of its smart contract capabilities — which he believes is a real game-changer. On the subject, he points out that this single feature alone makes Ethereum more valuable than BTC.

Craig Russo — Will Scale Back to ATH by 2021

Russo, who is the founder of Peer — a Boston-based startup behind the popular crypto and gaming media outlet SludgeFeed — believes that Ethereum will continue to be the go-to platform for deploying decentralized applications and tokenizing real-world assets. In this regard, one of the most recent examples is the tokenization of four real estate funds worth $100 million by blockchain startup Harbor.

Additionally, Russo also points out that while Ethereum enjoys a healthy market dominance, other competing smart contract platforms are beginning to gain momentum (especially as their networks continue to mature). This fact coupled with the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the project’s transition to a proof-of-stake network makes it quite clear that Ethereum has some important years coming up ahead. In terms of Ether’s future valuation, Russo told Bitcoinexchangeguide:

“At the current time, I do not see any reason why Ether (ETH) won’t revisit all-time highs by 2021 if Ethereum progresses as it plans, and developers continue to build on the network. I believe ETH/BTC has perhaps already bottomed and ETH/USD will begin a new uptrend once Bitcoin’s volatility slows down.”

Jeffrey Liu Xun — Drop to Double Digits

Xun is the CEO of XanPool — a P2P fiat gateway that is instant and does not require customers to take any custody risks. He told Bitcoinexchangeguide that Ethereum is currently in a terrible situation which will most likely see the premier crypto coin continue to its financial descent, especially if the value of Bitcoin keeps dropping as well.

“Yes that means double digits, and we may even see ICO prices again. Fundamentally, it faces many problems internally and externally. Internally, Ethereum 2.0 is expected to launch Q12020, but in reality, it won’t be possible. at least not in the target state that OG ethereum guys are pushing for. If anything launches it will likely be a skeleton of the original vision with much work left to be done…. Eth 2.0 will require computer science breakthroughs like breaking CAP theorem… that is unlikely to be done by a bunch of JS web developers.”

In addition to this, Xun also points out that most of Ethereum’s founding team has, by this point, either already jumped ship or cashed out of their ETH into BTC and fiat.

“Externally Ethereum faces steep competition from cheaper ‘world computer’ shitcoins like EOS, NEO, Cardano, ZILLIQAA, TRON, etc….. And it faces competition from networks that haven’t even launched yet like Polkadot (of which ETH OGs have joined)”

Steven Nerayoff — Around $2,500 (approx.)

Nerayoff is the co-creator of Ethereum. In a recent sit-down with CNBC, he told the media outlet that he expects 2019 to usher in big things for the premier cryptocurrency. This is because the ETH ecosystem has witnessed an exponential increase in the number of projects that have been built atop its core framework. Not only that, the number of independent developers dabbling with Ethereum to create their very own, unique dApps has also increased quite substantially over the past 12 months.

CoinDesk — Between $100-$115

The analysis team over at Coindesk has rightly pointed out that the price of Ether will most likely struggle for the foreseeable future. However, if the digital currency can break past its immediate resistance levels, it will be able to stabilize once again — if not, the currency could very well slip past under the 100 dollar point.

Mitesh Shah — $225 by Next Year

Shah is the Founder/CEO of Omnia Markets. In an email to Bitcoinexchangeguide, he highlighted some of the trends that might affect the price of Ether in the future.

“Due to the recent drop in prices across the board, followed by a minor market correction, personally I believe that ETH will stay relatively stable around the USD$175-$185 price range. In the short to medium term, as the market slowly regains its momentum, I believe that ETH will grow back to the $200+ levels it experienced in mid-September. Further, I believe that the industry, in general, will likely reenter the bull market and prices will again grow next Spring, and as regards ETH, I believe this will lead it to the $225+ range that it experienced last May, June, and July.”

Chris McClure — Bullish

Chris McClure is a cryptocurrency advocate who has been a part of this burgeoning space for quite some time now. McClure currently holds an advisory position at BitTaxer along with being a member of the Icelandic Blockchain Foundation. In his view, owing to various technological advancements such as sharding, plasma, and OpenST Mosaic, there currently exist several reasons for people to be bullish on ETHs future financial prospects. And while McClure did not give an exact number to back his predictions, he did add say that Ether’s fortunes will turn for the better by the end of 2019.

Robin Singh — Around $1,500 by 2020

Robin Singh is the founder of Koinly, a cryptocurrency tax software startup. In a recent conversation with Bitcoinexchangeguide, he told us that ETH is still following Bitcoin in terms of market prices — i.e. any drop/increase in BTC seems to have a similar effect on Ether. He also pointed out that the recent flop of Bakkt Futures has resulted in a drop in BTCs price and subsequently also ETHs — with the latter dropping by over $50 within a week.

However, the future of Ether looks bright to Singh, especially since ETH’s developer community has been growing and there are a lot of promising projects on the horizon. This, according to Robin, signals positive price movement for the premier crypto coin. Not only that, but the anticipated release of ETH v2 might also result in ETHs value rising by early next year.

“The great thing about the next ETH is that the price of master nodes will be significantly lower so the barrier to entry goes down – meaning ETH becomes more decentralized. The Ethereum network will also be able to process a larger number of transactions at lower fees due to the upgrades.”

Singh then further added:

“As for price predictions, the price is likely to stay at the $170-190 range for the rest of the year while next year will see a significant shift upwards to about $300-400. As for the long-term future, crypto is growing both in reach and market-cap. The next major milestone will be the launch of Libra, which could be a paradigm shift for the cryptocurrency industry – imagine 4 billion people having easy access to a cryptocurrency. The price could well go higher than the highs of 2017 to about $1500 by the end of next year.”

Joseph Raczynski — A Little Over $1,000

In an interview with Finder last year, Joseph Raczynski — the founder of — stated that owing to the overall utility and implementation capacity of the Ethereum project, he would not be surprised to see ETH scale up past the $1,000 mark by the end of this year. However, because the second-largest crypto asset (by total market capitalization) is currently trading for just over $170, it will be interesting to see if Raczynski’s prediction holds up.

“Nearly all large organizations are testing on this platform.”

Brian Schuster — As High as $100,000

The Founder of Ark Capital LLC, Brian Schuster, believes that much like Bitcoin, Ether to is an excellent long-term store of value (SOV). In his opinion, it would not be surprising to see the premier asset’s overall capitalization soar to around the $10 trillion mark — which would mean that the price of a single ETH token would rise to a mammoth price point of around $100,000. If that wasn’t enough, Schuster is also convinced of the fact that there is a real possibility that one day Ether will be able to replace all of the other currencies (both fiat and digital) that are in circulation today. This is because he believes that Ethereum is one of the few decentralized platforms that can be deployed on a large-scale and can tackle many of the scalability issues concerning most other big-name cryptocurrencies.

Salvador Casquero Algarra — Strong Short-Term Outlook

Algarra is the founder of 2gether — a collaborative financial platform that seamlessly joins the world of FIAT with crypto. In an exclusive interview with BEG, he pointed out:

“ With the introduction of Casper, we have the fact that right now there’s no limit on ETH issuance. To me, we will have a worldwide acceptance of cryptocurrencies pretty soon, so I would say that in the short/medium-term price ETH will go up from a technical or sentiment analysis. For the long run, I would say that it will go down to make the technology accessible to everybody or will take the risk of being disrupted as it has happened with every single business we know.“

Clem Chambers — Over $1,000

Forbes columnist/CEO of ADVFN Clem Chambers is quite optimistic about the future of Ethereum. In his opinion, the digital asset will most likely stay afloat above the $1,000 mark in the near future — a prediction that might not be able to come true, especially when considering the fact that 2019 is already coming to a close and the price of ETH is still stuck around the $170 – $225 price range.

Nigel Green: Potentially Above $2,500

Green is the CEO of deVere Group as well as a crypto analyst in his own right. Last year he spoke with MarketWatch regarding the future of the crypto market and told the interviewee that he believes Ether has the potential to climb up to a price point of around $2,500 by the beginning of 2019. However, he did concede that owing to the intense volatility that is being experienced by this market sector at large, it would not be surprising to see his prediction fall flat on its face.

Nigel’s optimism regarding Ethereum stems from several different factors such as:

  • An increasing number of digital platform operators using the ETH ecosystem to facilitate their trades and exchanges.
  • More and more people beginning to make use of ETH based smart contracts
  • The use of Ethereum allowing for the decentralization of cloud computing.

Bobby Ullery — $11,000 by 2020

Well respected crypto analyst Bob Ullery believes that within the next couple of years, Ethereum will take over at least 25% of the global crypto market with ease. As a result of this, the price of a single token could easily scale up to around $11,000 (by the end of 2020). There is still quite some time left for this prediction to run its course, so it will be interesting to see how things pan out for the premier digital currency.

Kyle Asman — Not Optimistic

Kyle Asman is a founding partner at BX3 Capital. In his view, the price of ETH is going to either remain stagnant or continue to slide during the next six to twelve months. In an email to Bitcoinexchangeguide, Asman pointed out:

“Ether hasn’t really shown it can be independent of the price of BTC and right now, the two are super correlated. The price of ETH was driven by ICOs on the Ethereum blockchain, which obviously don’t exist anymore. I just don’t think there is a whole lot of demand in the marketplace. There has to be a catalyst to bring new buyers to the marketplace and we have yet to see one. I think once we see a major company issue a digital token or a regulatory bill being passed here in the US, we will see some market upside.”

Marouane Garcon — $1,000

Managing Director of Amulet Marouane, Garcon believes that Ethereum has the potential to reach a price point of $1,000 — however, this prediction is based largely on the successful implementation of Ether’s much-hyped Casper framework.

Alexis Ohanian — $1,500

The Reddit co-founder believes that while Ether can scrape back up to the $1,500 mark by the end of this year, its intrinsic framework isn’t devoid of its drawbacks.

Tim Enneking — Gradual Value Depreciation

Tim Enneking — Head of Digital Capital Management — believes that there currently exist no apparent reasons that could push the price of Ethereum in an upward direction anytime soon. However, that does not mean Enneking does not see a bright future for other digital assets such as Bitcoin.

Ben Samocha — Strong Short-Term Outlook

Ben is the CEO & Founder of In his estimation, Ethereum has some exciting times ahead of itself — at least in terms of the currency’s price action. He recently told Bitcoinexchangeguide:

“After attending Ethereal TLV and listening to Vitalik Buterin and Joe Lubin on stage, I’ve learned they have a lot in motion for H1 2020, as the transition to Ethereum 2.0. reaches its final stages. In terms of tech and financial incentives, I fear for ETH’s long term future. However, the market will most likely not be able to price it in, FOMO and ‘dumb money’ will likely return and price will return trending upwards.”

Additionally, he also pointed out that because the Ethereum ecosystem currently has the largest number of active developers (as well as tons of institutional investment), it is quite safe to assume that there’ll be a lot of interest amongst the masses in becoming stakers on Ethereum 2.0. In the same breath, he also highlights the fact that ETH is now down almost 90% from its USD ATH, and thus it would be surprising if some serious accumulation activities were not going on behind the scenes.

(Disclosure: Ben currently works for a crypto PR & marketing agency as well as runs his private independent publication house, therefore his views are solely to be treated as his and his alone.)

When it’s all said and done, estimating the future worth of a digital asset such as Ethereum is much more complex when trying to assess the price of a pure spending/value coin, like Bitcoin. This is because Ethereum’s real value lies in its overall technological potential and not in the asset being an extraordinary SOV.

Also as mentioned earlier, Ether serves as the perfect basis for many lesser-known coins as well as other unrealized decentralized applications — primarily because of its smart contract capabilities. In this regard, some of ETHs core selling points include:

  • The premier digital asset can be used for daily spending as well as development purposes.
  • Ether uses a framework that is much more scalable and uniform in its long term outlook.
  • Many of the fundamentals exhibited by ETH seem to be stronger when compared to other premier assets such as Bitcoin, XRP, etc.

Be sure to check out the Bitcoin Price Predictions list to see how they compare to all of the ETH/USD Ethereum price predictions above.

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