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Is Asgard’s Wrath The Best VR Game Yet?


Community Download is a weekly discussion-focused articles series published (usually) every Monday in which we pose a single, core question to you all, our readers, in the spirit of fostering discussion and debate. For today, we want to hear your thoughts on Asgard’s Wrath, the highly-anticipated VR RPG released last week.

Last week, after a lot of hype and a long wait, Asgard’s Wrath finally released for the Oculus Rift and Rift S.

In our full review, David made it clear he was a huge fan. Despite some minor flaws, he called it the best VR game he’s played to date.

“When people buy a headset with the idea of visiting strange, beautiful, and rich new worlds full of exciting things they can only do in VR, this is the type of game they’re imagining … After over 25 hours of questing through the realms of Norse mythology, all I can think about is the laundry list of things I’ve still yet to discover. Asgard’s Wrath is, from top to bottom, an extraordinary accomplishment.”

As it released last week, you’ve now had a full weekend to sink your teeth into the game. That being said, given that the main story of the game alone (excluding side quests) is around 25 hours long, you probably haven’t finished the whole thing yet. Or maybe you have – we won’t judge!

However, if you’re just getting started with the game, make sure to check out David’s helpful guide and tips for new players. Nonetheless, we want your opinions from what you’ve played so far.

So, time to throw the verdict over to you. Is Asgard’s Wrath the best VR game yet? Is it a step forward for VR games, or is the whole thing a bit overblown? Maybe you feel the game needs to be out a bit longer before any final judgement?

Let us know your opinion. Sound off in the comments below.

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