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QuarkVR Opens Its Cloud Streaming Framework for All XR Devs


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QuarkVR Opens Its Cloud Streaming Framework for All XR Devs

Vive X company QuarkVR is opening its Cloud streaming platform for use by all XR developers. The launch is expected before end of this year.

The eponymous framework allows for creators of XR devices and accessories to make their products accessible by the mass audience without the need of powerful PCs on user’s side. QuarkVR provides the means for content to be streamed from the Cloud in real time to all sorts of XR devices. They, in turn, communicate with the content through the framework. Тhe platform is similar to the recently announced Google Stadia service, but with focus on XR and Enterprise.

The initiative targets developers of new XR headsets, accessories, haptics, treadmill, and any other innovative XR devices with focus on Enterprise, Arcade, or Education.


Proof of concept is already complete and running in Berlin where QuarkVR teamed up with SenseGlove – a haptic glove for XR with a proven track record of customers like Volkswagen and Siemens. QuarkVR and SenseGlove collaborate as part of Deutsche Telekom’s tech incubator ‘hubraum’, focused on 5G testing and enrichment. This is how QuarkVR can already say their solution works not only through Wi-Fi, but 5G as well.

We believe every XR device has way more potential than the current ecosystem provides. This is where our framework comes into the picture’, QuarkVR CEO Krasi Nikolov says. ‘We’re opening it to all devs, because we want to help move the XR industry forward.’

Aside from the collaboration with Deutsche Telekom and SenseGlove, QuarkVR is proving their tech viable through deals and partnerships with Orange Silicon Valley, HTC, Nvidia, and numerous other industry leaders.

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