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Voice Based Chatbots: The Future of Consumer Interaction


Voice Based Chatbots: The Future of Consumer Interaction 1

Chatbots have, undoubtedly, become a must-have element of an app and/or website. And when your business works in a B2C ecosystem, must-have becomes a necessity.

As a business looking to survive in a highly competitive consumer market, it is mandatory that you include a Chatbot in the the app or website if you want a real shot at being available 24*7 for a global market.

Inclusion of Chatbots are known to have redefined the business picture of brand across industries, who track back their high conversion rates and greater engagement levels to the technology.

After revolutionizing the business stories across brands, Chatbots have finally moved from their text based interface to Voice. And this article, we will be looking into the newest Chatbot concept in more detail.

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Starting With…

What are Voice Bots?

Voice bot program allows real time conversations in human voice between the users and a software with the help of artificial intelligence. At the backend of the architecture, the voice bot aggregate, process, and generates human based reactions to information collected via the voice commands.

Technologies that Voice Based Chatbots Rely On

Here are the technologies that Voice Based Chatbots rely to better their intelligence level.

  • Decision Trees — They essentially help chatbots find an exact answer to your question. The root is the initial question that a user ask and the related questions before the branches of the tree.
  • Machine Learning — These are used to enable the chatbots to analyze what the user is talking about.
  • Context Based Learning — These are the algorithms which help the bots understand the context of the dialogue made by the user.
  • Natural language Processing — NLPs are used to make the chatbots understand the human language as it is spoken. Often times, what happens is that the wordings and sentence structuring that a user select in the Google Search query is completely different from what they use in their real life conversations.

NLP helps with this by making the bots understand the conversational human language in place of the forced one.

The inclusion of such high-end technologies id bound to increase the magnitude of the development efforts. Let us look into it in some detail –

Development Complexity That Comes Tagged with Voice Based Chatbot Development

When you compare the development of a regular messenger chatbot with a more technicalized voice based chatbot, you will see that the skills and resources that would go into the development of former will be a lot less than the latter.

The development of Voice Chatbots call for an inclusion from a series of different technologies and their seamless integration together. And in order to achieve that, the resources — both in terms of humans and software — that would be needed also comes with an attached cost and development efforts.

Even with a high development complexity count, the demand for voice based chatbots are a lot more futuristic as compared the traditional chatbots. The benefit of convenience and the probability of a greater conversion rate are the reasons that give businesses the necessary nudge to invest their time and money in a mobile app development company that specializes in creation of voice based chatbots.

Type of Companies that Benefit from Voice based Chatbots

Typically, three types of business categories benefit from the presence of voice based chatbots — B2C, C2C, and Enterprise Apps.

The reason why we have limited the ideal beneficiaries of a voice based chatbot system to those offering end consumer services and businesses that have an enterprise app integrated in the business process is this –

If you look at the scenarios under which individuals interact with a chatbot, you will find that the probability of businesses looking to discuss a project with another business’s chatbot is very rare. More often than not, when two business interact with each other, they prefer having the conversation between real humans.

While in case of consumer to business conversation or consumer to consumer conversation, the type of interaction that happens can usually be measured in exact number. And in more than 80% of the scenarios can be completed without the need of intervention from real human.

There are a number of reasons why a range of different businesses are investing in the development of the voice based solution for their mobile app or website. Let us look into the major ones.

Reasons that Work in the Favour of Voice Enabled Chatbots

1. Growing Inclination Towards Voice Based Systems

There was a time when messaging came points ahead of any other form of communication, but as we head into the future, we can see the world moving towards voice.

With technologies like Google Home and Amazon Alexa going mainstream, businesses from a range of different industries are adopting the voice technology in their work processes.

The modern day users find voice commanding a machine more convenient as compared to typing in the request inside a typing bubble.

2. The Comfort Quotient Attached with a Voice Based System

If you look into the efforts that a user has to put in interacting with a machine on a voice note vs typing note, what becomes visible is that in a minute a user usually type in 30–50 words. On the other hand, when users leave a voice note, they are able to convey around 150–200 words in a minute.

Both the reasons when added to the fact that voice based systems have now become one of the most fun elements of a mobile app experience (more than being a useful one), you get a buyer demographics that is ready to invest their time with your business.

Now that you know about the concept, it is time to draft and program your perfect dialogue flow and include it in your mobile app.

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Voice Based Chatbots: The Future of Consumer Interaction 2

Voice Based Chatbots: The Future of Consumer Interaction 3
Voice Based Chatbots: The Future of Consumer Interaction 4
Voice Based Chatbots: The Future of Consumer Interaction 5

Voice Based Chatbots: The Future of Consumer Interaction 6

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